I’m married to a 30 year old.

There are four things that the Krueger family (my husband, dog, hens and I) don’t mess around with. Firstly, Halloween. We (I and therefore everyone) love it. See below:

Secondly, lounging. We know how to be lazy. I think we should get paid for it. Ironically I don’t have a picture.

Thirdly, eating. We love food. All of us. While my chickens prefer dried meal worms and Gideon prefers rawhide, Matt and I prefer just about everything besides those things.

So if you ask what we did for my Hubby’s 30th birthday this weekend…I would say, “We ate food.” No really. That’s all we did. We ate at Roakes, a local greasy dive hamburger stand (they make a killer veggie burger). We also had a huge taco dinner with Matt’s side of the family. Matt has an identical twin that, obviously enough, also had a birthday to celebrate. Then I delivered a huge bag of junk food and balloons (not edible) to the high school where Matt works. THEN Matt woke up to this:

So after pointing out the typos I made, which consist of putting “fruit” and “berries” as toppings (I clarified that there are fruits that are not berries) and forgetting hash browns as a side (even though he didn’t want them anyway) it was concluded that we would be having approximately one ton of waffles with homemade whipped cream and strawberries.

Really, the hour I spent making the menu was just for fun. I knew he was going to pick this. He does for every single birthday. In fact, he does for every special occasion. Or for Saturdays. Or for the days when it’s his turn to make dinner. Or when I ask him what he wants to eat.

And fourthly, we love each other fiercely. We would each do anything to make the other feel special. Regardless the frequency of this meal, Matt wanted it. He’s the one getting old. And loving each other is something we don’t mess around with. So if waffles are going to make him feel loved…waffles for life, baby.



Woah. What?

This is what I woke up to this morning…

Is it our anniversary? No.

Did I do something awesome to deserve this? No. Well always, but not this instance :)

Does he want something? No.

Is my birthday coming up? No…that’s in December.

Is he wanting more praise on the blog this week? No.

Did he break something? No.

Then what?…

…”It’s Saturday…that’s what.”

Plus I think he really wanted him some waffles. He has learned that I’m slow in agreeing to make them, but quick to partake in eating them. Hence, the large waffle breakfast that made us both so completely happy for different reasons. I feel loved to have breakfast made for me and he feels content because we’re both eating waffles. Sigh, marriage is blissful in moments so oddly and perfectly balanced as these.