Cozy Flowers

Trust me. I know about the vintage sheet craze. I’ve been suckered in a time or two. I do love it. I’ve got this weird IKEA/cottage/1950’s/shabbychic/pop/antique style going on. I’m not sure what to do with all that except that I’ve found elements all those styles have in common and I just go with it. If you’re confident about it, then who gives a sheet?! (Yes that was a pun). Live with what you love and keep it simple.

I was at a thrift store (surprise) and stumbled upon several beautifully colored vintage-looking sheets for 2 bucks a pop. I got to thinking about all the wonderful things I could make. Bags, pillows, shirts, quilts, aprons, hand towels, scarves, pj pants, pot holders….the list is practically endless.

Then I had a crazy thought, “What if I just use these as…sheets?”

So I did.

IMG_6117IMG_6111 IMG_6103 IMG_6437 IMG_6451

IMG_6430Yeah, that’s right. There’s not a single picture of my bed actually made. The only time it’s made is when I change the sheets and a couple of days after that. And with cute sheets like this it actually looks better messy.

Perhaps to no ones surprise, I still did a little sewing. I took two king sheets, cut them down to size and, sewing right sides together with a 2 foot opening at the end, made a double-sided duvet cover. You just can’t get enough mismatched little flowers if you ask me.

Pyrex Update

It’s been awhile since I posted about my obsessive collecting of vintage Pyrex. That’s probably because my collection’s growth slowed substantially when I started putting most “extra” money I had into my Etsy shop.

But alas, with Christmas time, a time in which people like to give people things, also came my birthday. Another time in which people like to give people things. And I got some pretty cool things.

In no order particular, here are some new Pyrex items I’ve recently acquired:

Snowflake Blue & Spring Blossom butter dish – 1970s. These butter dishes are SO cute. Any Pyrex collector can tell you it’s mandatory that you have a butter dish. Though the jewel in the rough is finding a butter dish in its original box. (Thanks Marsha for the Snowflake Blue!)

051 052

Holly Days Mug – 1985. Gasp! When I pulled these beauties out of the bag I almost had a heart attack. I have been looking for Pyrex holiday mugs everywhere! I have yet to even see any…ever. At this moment in time they are the gem of my lot. Even better still they were made the year I was born, making for a very fitting birthday gift. (Thanks Tyler and Julie!!)

035 039

Spring Blossom Summer Impressions Gravy Boat – 1970 – I’m a little obsessed with this gravy boat right now. Firstly, I’ve never seen one, ever. Secondly, it’s in perfect condition. And thirdly, it’s the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen, haha! It’s clunky and the shape is odd. If you were to hold it, you’d notice right off that it doesn’t seem quite right…like it’s not symmetrical or something. It’s for all those reasons that I LOVE this thing. (Thanks Mom!)046 047

Snowflake carafe – 1970s. I’ve got a few Pyrex glass pitchers, but I’d been on the look out for Pyrex coffee pots. Viola! I stumbled upon this one. It’s in great shape. Most glass carafes show some major sign of wear, burns and scratches. But not this one! I can’t use it on the stove until I get a hot plate to distribute the heat. Otherwise it’ll shatter…and I’ll be unhappy.

040 042Yellow square casserole dish with lid – ??. I’ve been trying to track down info on this casserole dish. It’s so fantastic! It’s got a great square shape with matching lid. The coloring is so perfect, you’d think it’d been made yesterday. (Thank Mom!)055 056When trying to find the exact date of the dish, I did come across this old advertisement for it:Pyrex AdvertismentThat’s definitely a pre-70s advertisement, wouldn’t you say? But who knows…

I’m going to compile a “dream list” of the Pyrex patterns and models that I’m still looking for. I get emails and texts from people who spot pieces and wonder if it’s something I’d want…this way everyone can print off my dream list, keep it on their person at all times, and go thrifting for me. Right?

Best thrift store find ever…again.

Back in December I claimed to have found the best thrift store item ever. Titled so in part because of the insanely low price…and I was kind of right. It was a 1930 cast iron Singer sewing machine. $5.00. Really, that’s awesome. But I have found yet another amazing thrift store item. Also $5.00.

Huzzah! Now someone might look at this and be totally confused as to why on Earth I would be so excited about it. I’m sure churches and school buildings have a bunch of these just sitting in some corner somewhere (if that’s true, call me.) But I love this thing. I love the look of it, the age of it, the potential it holds for nieces and nephews, and I love the price. So, done.

It’s got this book cubby on the side, that I already supplied with books. While I was at the Goodwill bins, before I discovered the desk, I was as always, rummaging through the old books. I came across a series of Sweet Pickles books. I had these books growing up, so for 50 cents a piece I figured “what the heck”. Then as I perused the furniture section and came across this desk, I knew it was meant to be. I sat in the desk once, grabbed it with one arm (books in the other) and quickly walked to the front of the store. Remember this is the store where people get in fights over merchandise. I’m talking about literally fighting. So there is this sense of urgency in the atmosphere. I didn’t want anyone to harass me (which is not unlikely), so I picked up this pretty heavy and awkward desk and somehow lodged it between my hip bone and hand, using all the strength I had in my arm to hold it off the ground. As I quickly walked I made sure the look on my face was one of tranquility and not intense discomfort. Not sure why I do this. It’s quite stupid actually. Someone would have been more than happy to help me. Anyway…I digress.

It did need a little cleaning up. But I didn’t want it to look brand spanking new. After scrubbing the whole thing in hot soapy water and removing some unwanted gum/stickers, I lightly sanded the top of the desk and coated it with three light coats of clear polyurethane.  I put one light coat on the chair itself, just to match the tone better with the desk top.

Most of the desk has been worn perfectly smooth from the many hands and many bottoms that have used it. It’s large enough that an adult can sit in it and feel quite comfortable. You’re also able to adjust the height of the desk. Not sure how easy this is to do, since the bolt looks a little intense, but we’ll find out eventually.If you ever need a Goodwill bins shopping partner…I’m your gal.