Toddler Apron Cuteness.

When I heard my sister in law talk about how much her daughter loved her play kitchen, I knew what I had to do. Giana’s 2nd birthday was right around the corner and I saw my opportunity to make her something special.

Apron1Apron3Apron2I’m going to give you a semi-tutorial on how to make this little apron (2 to 4yrs). I call it a semi-tutorial because I just sort of did it, and now I’m trying to sort of explain how I did it. There is no pretty step by step photos, but maybe this info will help:

I started knowing that I wanted the apron to be 19″ long and 14″ wide. I created these measurements using a few different sources I found online. So I taped 4 sheets of card stock together to create my rectangle. Fold the sheet in half, lengthwise. Cut a nice little curve out of the top corner. 5 inches down and 3 1/2 inches across.

Apron8You can round off the bottom corner or leave it straight.
IMG_1892When you open the paper you’ve got your pattern!

IMG_3276Lay this on your fabric, trace and cut out. I attached a front pocket, about 8″ by 6″ before it was hemmed and sewn on. You can see I added some cupcake patches. You can make the pocket any shape you’d like.

IMG_9378 (1)The edging and the straps are all hand-made bias tape. Bias tape is simply a strip of fabric, with the raw edges folded in and iron closed. See how I explained it here. I wrapped the bottom and very top with bias tape, slightly squaring off the bottom corners. It was just quicker that way. The straps are about  24″ long.

This pattern is totally adjustable. Add some ruffle or pizzazz. Make it all your own.

Or her own.

IMG_1050 apron10Gianna loves her new apron. But she became quickly obsessed with the little dish towel I made. She carried it around with her the whole evening. She also discovered that she could keep all her little treasures in her apron pocket. Her keys, a lollipop, a birthday card from her cousin and her dish towel. Everything a girl needs.

IMG_0626 IMG_0380So go get sewing. I bet you know someone who would love this for Christmas.

Girly Things.

There is nothing I loved more than a cute dress when I was little. Before 3rd grade, which marks the age I dive bombed into tomboyhood, I was a girly girl. I loved purses and frilly things. I wore my mom’s heels around, loved pretending I was a princess and could whisk my hair off my shoulder like a pro. Happily, my niece is starting to develop a lot of the same tendencies. She holds little purses on her wrist, loves nail polish and wearing fun dresses.

So I couldn’t help myself. I had to make her a little dress.

I picked up this pattern (Burda Kids 9494 – style B) at JoAnn’s. It only required 1 yard of fabric but I grabbed 1 & 1/4 yard just to be safe. I have never made kids clothing before, so I was a bit unsure. This pattern was great though. It’s easy to follow and only took a few hours! 

The felt flower is a pin (adding a flower was my husband’s idea). The top is double yoked so the pin doesn’t actually stick through the whole top. And since it’s removable she can use the flower with other outfits.

The zipper installed fine, but the top of the zipper looked a little ragged and I could tell it would be scratchy. So I added some soft felt to finish it.

When asked if she liked the dress, Gianna (19 months old) approved loudly with her classic straight forward, over enunciated response, “Yesss!”.

So here’s to adorable little girls, for giving aunties like me a chance to make pretty things.