Scrabble 4 eva.

It’s funny. The second you break something suddenly you need it all the time. “Need” being an exaggeration in this case. When my printer broke about a month ago, a few weeks went by and I hardly noticed. Then it seemed like everything I wanted to make and sell needed some sort of card, tag or fabric tag. I was able to preoccupy myself with some other projects but just recently I’ve decided to hold “shop hours”. Two days a week where I spend time working on projects to sell, or updating/expanding my shop. So after a while I caved and bought a new printer. Now all I can do is think about what to print next.

So here’s the soon-to-be-addition to the Homespun Haley shop.

Scrabble Magnets

 Yeah for printers! Don’t these look awesome!? I’m so excited about them. I think these scrabble magnets make perfect little “thank you” gifts or stocking stuffers. So, If you can’t make your own scrabble magnets…I’ve got you covered.

If you could have a scrabble magnet that said anything…what word would you choose? Can you tell I’m searching for ideas? I’ve come up with a few more, but I bet your suggestions will get me to think outside the box.


(visit the shop!)

Scrabble Necklace

How cute is this? Really cute. I know.

 Guess what? If you don’t wanna make one for yourself, you can buy one from my Etsy shop starting next week. Any letter you’d like. Maybe even a couple of letters.

Wouldn’t this be a cool gift for a bride to be? Or for an expecting mommy with her lovely baby-to-be’s initials? You know it would.

Scrabble Wonderfulness

This is one of those things that you see pictures of all over the internet and think they’re adorable but never make them. They really are quick, simple and inexpensive to make.

 People are selling these for $24 on Etsy…you can easily make them yourself for under $10. Depending on how much you pay for an old scrabble game or letters. I had an old game from Goodwill ($4.00) and some worn out cork board coasters I bought 3 years ago. I checked it out before hand and found the coasters fit perfectly over the scrabble letters (about 3″x3″). But you can buy cork board at any craft store. I bought a can of spray on ployurethane (satin finish) to seal the coasters. I had used mod podge at first, then realized the condensation from a glass re-wets the mod podge…not good.

You can choose actual words or do random letters. 5 Letters across would be an ok size as well. I created a “theme” for each one of my coasters: Home, warm, cozy, rest. Seed, crop, tend, dirt. Brew, java, bean, cafe. Hens, farm, coop, eggs.

Hot glue each letter to the cork. Be sure to glue the edges together as well.

Cut off the excess cork with scissors or an x-acto knife.

Clean the excess glue off the letters. I lightly sanded the sides of the cork.

Coat well with a layer of sealant. Let dry for at least an hour.

These would make a very cute gift!

I’m using one currently. I’ve never been so excited to prevent coffee rings :)