be thou my vision

Some songs just stick with you. They last through transitions, within one’s life and throughout generations. “Be Thou My Vision” is most assuredly one of those songs. The lyrics have been wandering through my mind the past few weeks.

I like creating these little pictures to use as my home screen or desktop background. I print them and hang them around my house or stick them to the fridge. It’s a beautiful way to see meaningful words and add color to my surroundings.

These new ones are yours to print, save, send, share. Enjoy.

IMG_7564IMG_7753 IMG_7878

*Photos are taken and edited by Homespun Haley.


Free Printables For Y’all

Since I got my new phone, I’ve been taking/editing photos like mad. I find it so relaxing and it’s been a good break from sewing. It still takes visual creativity, but this I can do while laying on the couch watching “Ray Mears – Bushcraft” episodes on YouTube. (I’ve been hooked as of late.)

Prints like these have so many uses. Frame them, hang them, stick them, glue them, send them, wrap them, fold them…the list goes on and on. So these pictures, which I shot and edited myself, are all for you. You have my absolute permission and encouragement to copy and save these, pin them, print them, whatever. I only ask one thing in return. If someone says, “Ooo that’s a nice picture.” You say, “Thanks! I found it on Homespun Haley.” Deal?

Which one is your favorite?

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