Gideon doesn’t realize what’s coming. Obviously. He goes about his days as always. Demanding to be petted, woofing for breakfast, soaking up naps on the couch by the window, intimidating squirrels, doing figure eights on the lawn, licking his lips, playing tug-of-war. His life is sweet. And I love watching him. It’s endless entertainment watching a short dog with TRex-esch arms flailing all over the yard, or hopping up onto couches.
Soon…I’ll notice those details less and less. While it’s my goal to teach our kids to appreciate Gideon for the cute little creature he is, to appreciate his nuances and treat him very well, it’s only natural that more and more of my admiration will fall on little human subjects.
In the meantime, Gideon will still be the focus of my little photo-sessions, and deservedly so. He’s just adorable.


Free Printables For Y’all

Since I got my new phone, I’ve been taking/editing photos like mad. I find it so relaxing and it’s been a good break from sewing. It still takes visual creativity, but this I can do while laying on the couch watching “Ray Mears – Bushcraft” episodes on YouTube. (I’ve been hooked as of late.)

Prints like these have so many uses. Frame them, hang them, stick them, glue them, send them, wrap them, fold them…the list goes on and on. So these pictures, which I shot and edited myself, are all for you. You have my absolute permission and encouragement to copy and save these, pin them, print them, whatever. I only ask one thing in return. If someone says, “Ooo that’s a nice picture.” You say, “Thanks! I found it on Homespun Haley.” Deal?

Which one is your favorite?

Many waters Winnie the Pooh eat, drink, smile, nap be still my heart I love you to the moon and back butter or cream hope anchors the soul


Can you tell I was zoning out?


I remember when it happened. I was just driving along Division, where I go East about 65 blocks on my way to work. It’s a long, uneventful commute. I saw this flash of light. Totally delayed I thought, “Huh?”, then looked in my rear-view mirror. Sure enough, there was the speed-ticket-giver van. In my defense, it’s not like I sped through a school zone. East Division is a crazy-almost highway. I happened to be on it, when it wasn’t insanely busy (weird) and was zoning out. I don’t think I ever even passed another car.

All hope of arguing that it isn’t me is lost…check out that zoom camera action! Maybe I’ll say there’s been a glitch in the system. I was driving at 10am…yet look! Everything is completely dark in that photo…how do you explain that? Fraud.