DIY Paint Pen Mug

Right…I know you’ve seen this on Pinterest. I mean really, it’s hard to miss. I gave it a try for Valentine’s day and was pleasantly surprised by the result. Awesome and easy.

My Hubby loves him some coffee. And he loves him some big mugs and knowing that something is homemade and unique is enough for him to love it. So I figured for Valentine’s day I couldn’t go wrong with a big custom mug. Aaaannndddd stuffing things full of candy doesn’t hurt. IMG_8798

You may have seen the little tag line that comes along with this project, “Sharpie, 350 for 30 mins – done!”. But actually it’s not that simple. I read over and over that using a regular sharpie was not cutting it. The ink would run off almost immediately after “firing”.

Here’s what I did…and it worked so I’ve got that going for me.

A grabbed a black paint pen from Micheal’s Craft Store. Dollar Tree mugs were way too small and girly so I grabbed a few from Fred Meyer for $4.00 each. I printed the quote/font I wanted and practiced writing it.

IMG_8740Honestly, after I practiced a few words/letters and I just went for it and started writing. I couldn’t get the “M” in Matthew just right, and I wondered if nail polish remover would work as an eraser. It worked beautifully. Just use a cotton ball with a little bit of nail polish remover and it wipes away easily. I was satisfied with the 7th “M” I drew.


Next, put your mug in a cold oven. Heat to 375 degrees and then set your timer for 30 minutes. Once your 30 minutes is up, turn the oven off, letting the mug cool completely in the oven. This part takes a while.

IMG_8751Once they cool, they should be good to go! I tested mine by running water over it and gently towel drying. These mugs need to be hand washed gently. Other tutorials say you can dishwasher them, which may be true. I always play it safe when I give something as a gift…you want to be sure it’ll last!

IMG_8799The possibilities are endless! I’ve seen some amazingly creative designs which I can’t wait to try. Are you gonna make one??

My calming corner.

I am extremely blessed. We’ve got a tiny little house, but in that house are two bedrooms. One of those bedrooms in my very own “craft room”. As far as I’m concerned having a whole extra room to hold crap that you make more crap out of, is a luxury and I don’t take that for granted one bit.

As any of you crafty people out there will know, craft rooms can get a little…cluttered. My craft room has a hodgepodge of old/free furniture items in it, none of which are actually fitted for their current use. For example I’ve got a rickety old shelf holding about a ton of fabric pieces that spill out onto the floor. There is also an old clear bin that is overflowing with thread and ribbon. So even when things are “away” it looks chaotic in here. To some degree that’s fine, but in its current state it’s completely uninspiring.

BUT I’ve finally got one corner of the room, exactly how I like it. A while ago I picked up a $5.00 dresser at our church rummage sale. It used to be spray painted silver with some gnarly drawer pulls, but my hubby brought it back to life for me. We used left over white paint, old cabinet knobs with a fresh coat of dark spray paint, and Matt did a number of things to the structure of the dresser to make it “better”. He basically beefed the thing up a little, I won’t get too into that now :)

So after filling the drawers with all those little things that don’t have a home and look cluttery, I took a step back and let out a sigh. I will actually feel good when I open this door now. The pinwheels spin when the window is open, and just like a baby and a mobile, the movement is calming for some strange reason.

I found some old frames and decorations and used old spray-paint to get them all matching. I hung pictures of things that make me smile. My chickens, my dog, and a picture of me as a kid.

The pinwheels are left-over decorations I did for a friend’s wedding. With the help of some trusty friends (especially you, Amy) we made tons of them out of old music sheets and book pages. We hung them all around ceremony site. I, of course, snagged a bag full when I left.

I probably wont be doing a whole lot of crafting literally on this dresser. This room gets so much light and a nice, flat, white surface is the perfect place to snap photos. It’s amazing how much it improves your pictures when you have a white backdrop to reflect all the natural light streaming in the windows. Here are the first pictures I tested of it, with a bouquet of flowers from our garden that I arranged for a friend’s birthday.

I’ll save this surface from the terror of my hot glue gun as long as I possibly can. All craft room projects will be on hold for a while but I hope to get a bigger shelf and a large table in the fall to finish off the space. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll make another awesome “bins” discovery.

I hope you too have a nook, wherever you call home, that helps clear your mind and allows you to really appreciate life a little more deeply.

Ask and you shall receive.

I found an awesome spool holder tutorial online yesterday. A. It’s huge and B. It’s got a place to put your matching bobbins. Right now my thread is in a big bin, all tangled and angry at me. Here is the one from the tutorial:

I love this thing! So I showed my hubby and posted the link to his Facebook wall. I thought maybe someday he’d be persuaded to make it. When I got home from work, this was awaiting my arrival:

 Eeekk! I was so excited and felt so loved! He had enough wood to make it and he even used some scrap crown molding to cap it off (such a Matt thing to do).

Today he’s going to wood fill and paint it white for me. Then add the bobbin nails. And just so you know, he suggested this blog title. Love him :)

DIY Sidewalk Chalk.

Here’s a big hurrah for nephews turning three…”Hurrah!” Not only does it mean that I get to spend more time with him, it means I can make stuff I wouldn’t normally make for myself. You know, like star-shaped sidewalk chalk.

I’m surprised that a picture of homemade sidewalk chalk isn’t next to the words “simple” and/or “easy” in the dictionary. Cause it’s freakishly simple and easy. Here’s how:

You need, plaster of paris, water, tempera paint and a mold of some kind. I’ve only tried a silicone mold. If you use a metal one, lightly spray it with cooking oil, so it will fall out easier. Though I’m not sure how this will effect the color. You can also use a cookie cutter. Simply put the cookie cutters on wax paper, hold them still while you fill it with the goo, then let it set.

Mix 1 cup plaster of paris, 3/4 cup water and some paint in a bowl. Add paint until you like the color. Pour it into the mold and let it set over night.


Like I said…simple and easy. I also made a cute drawstring bag to hold the 12 stars I ended with. Follow this tutorial if you’d like to make one as well.

Perhaps next time I’ll bite the bullet and buy a dinosaur mold…for crayons perhaps?