DIY Paint Pen Mug

Right…I know you’ve seen this on Pinterest. I mean really, it’s hard to miss. I gave it a try for Valentine’s day and was pleasantly surprised by the result. Awesome and easy.

My Hubby loves him some coffee. And he loves him some big mugs and knowing that something is homemade and unique is enough for him to love it. So I figured for Valentine’s day I couldn’t go wrong with a big custom mug. Aaaannndddd stuffing things full of candy doesn’t hurt. IMG_8798

You may have seen the little tag line that comes along with this project, “Sharpie, 350 for 30 mins – done!”. But actually it’s not that simple. I read over and over that using a regular sharpie was not cutting it. The ink would run off almost immediately after “firing”.

Here’s what I did…and it worked so I’ve got that going for me.

A grabbed a black paint pen from Micheal’s Craft Store. Dollar Tree mugs were way too small and girly so I grabbed a few from Fred Meyer for $4.00 each. I printed the quote/font I wanted and practiced writing it.

IMG_8740Honestly, after I practiced a few words/letters and I just went for it and started writing. I couldn’t get the “M” in Matthew just right, and I wondered if nail polish remover would work as an eraser. It worked beautifully. Just use a cotton ball with a little bit of nail polish remover and it wipes away easily. I was satisfied with the 7th “M” I drew.


Next, put your mug in a cold oven. Heat to 375 degrees and then set your timer for 30 minutes. Once your 30 minutes is up, turn the oven off, letting the mug cool completely in the oven. This part takes a while.

IMG_8751Once they cool, they should be good to go! I tested mine by running water over it and gently towel drying. These mugs need to be hand washed gently. Other tutorials say you can dishwasher them, which may be true. I always play it safe when I give something as a gift…you want to be sure it’ll last!

IMG_8799The possibilities are endless! I’ve seen some amazingly creative designs which I can’t wait to try. Are you gonna make one??

Pyrex Update

It’s been awhile since I posted about my obsessive collecting of vintage Pyrex. That’s probably because my collection’s growth slowed substantially when I started putting most “extra” money I had into my Etsy shop.

But alas, with Christmas time, a time in which people like to give people things, also came my birthday. Another time in which people like to give people things. And I got some pretty cool things.

In no order particular, here are some new Pyrex items I’ve recently acquired:

Snowflake Blue & Spring Blossom butter dish – 1970s. These butter dishes are SO cute. Any Pyrex collector can tell you it’s mandatory that you have a butter dish. Though the jewel in the rough is finding a butter dish in its original box. (Thanks Marsha for the Snowflake Blue!)

051 052

Holly Days Mug – 1985. Gasp! When I pulled these beauties out of the bag I almost had a heart attack. I have been looking for Pyrex holiday mugs everywhere! I have yet to even see any…ever. At this moment in time they are the gem of my lot. Even better still they were made the year I was born, making for a very fitting birthday gift. (Thanks Tyler and Julie!!)

035 039

Spring Blossom Summer Impressions Gravy Boat – 1970 – I’m a little obsessed with this gravy boat right now. Firstly, I’ve never seen one, ever. Secondly, it’s in perfect condition. And thirdly, it’s the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen, haha! It’s clunky and the shape is odd. If you were to hold it, you’d notice right off that it doesn’t seem quite right…like it’s not symmetrical or something. It’s for all those reasons that I LOVE this thing. (Thanks Mom!)046 047

Snowflake carafe – 1970s. I’ve got a few Pyrex glass pitchers, but I’d been on the look out for Pyrex coffee pots. Viola! I stumbled upon this one. It’s in great shape. Most glass carafes show some major sign of wear, burns and scratches. But not this one! I can’t use it on the stove until I get a hot plate to distribute the heat. Otherwise it’ll shatter…and I’ll be unhappy.

040 042Yellow square casserole dish with lid – ??. I’ve been trying to track down info on this casserole dish. It’s so fantastic! It’s got a great square shape with matching lid. The coloring is so perfect, you’d think it’d been made yesterday. (Thank Mom!)055 056When trying to find the exact date of the dish, I did come across this old advertisement for it:Pyrex AdvertismentThat’s definitely a pre-70s advertisement, wouldn’t you say? But who knows…

I’m going to compile a “dream list” of the Pyrex patterns and models that I’m still looking for. I get emails and texts from people who spot pieces and wonder if it’s something I’d want…this way everyone can print off my dream list, keep it on their person at all times, and go thrifting for me. Right?