Gideon doesn’t realize what’s coming. Obviously. He goes about his days as always. Demanding to be petted, woofing for breakfast, soaking up naps on the couch by the window, intimidating squirrels, doing figure eights on the lawn, licking his lips, playing tug-of-war. His life is sweet. And I love watching him. It’s endless entertainment watching a short dog with TRex-esch arms flailing all over the yard, or hopping up onto couches.
Soon…I’ll notice those details less and less. While it’s my goal to teach our kids to appreciate Gideon for the cute little creature he is, to appreciate his nuances and treat him very well, it’s only natural that more and more of my admiration will fall on little human subjects.
In the meantime, Gideon will still be the focus of my little photo-sessions, and deservedly so. He’s just adorable.

Girly Things.

There is nothing I loved more than a cute dress when I was little. Before 3rd grade, which marks the age I dive bombed into tomboyhood, I was a girly girl. I loved purses and frilly things. I wore my mom’s heels around, loved pretending I was a princess and could whisk my hair off my shoulder like a pro. Happily, my niece is starting to develop a lot of the same tendencies. She holds little purses on her wrist, loves nail polish and wearing fun dresses.

So I couldn’t help myself. I had to make her a little dress.

I picked up this pattern (Burda Kids 9494 – style B) at JoAnn’s. It only required 1 yard of fabric but I grabbed 1 & 1/4 yard just to be safe. I have never made kids clothing before, so I was a bit unsure. This pattern was great though. It’s easy to follow and only took a few hours! 

The felt flower is a pin (adding a flower was my husband’s idea). The top is double yoked so the pin doesn’t actually stick through the whole top. And since it’s removable she can use the flower with other outfits.

The zipper installed fine, but the top of the zipper looked a little ragged and I could tell it would be scratchy. So I added some soft felt to finish it.

When asked if she liked the dress, Gianna (19 months old) approved loudly with her classic straight forward, over enunciated response, “Yesss!”.

So here’s to adorable little girls, for giving aunties like me a chance to make pretty things.

DIY Sidewalk Chalk.

Here’s a big hurrah for nephews turning three…”Hurrah!” Not only does it mean that I get to spend more time with him, it means I can make stuff I wouldn’t normally make for myself. You know, like star-shaped sidewalk chalk.

I’m surprised that a picture of homemade sidewalk chalk isn’t next to the words “simple” and/or “easy” in the dictionary. Cause it’s freakishly simple and easy. Here’s how:

You need, plaster of paris, water, tempera paint and a mold of some kind. I’ve only tried a silicone mold. If you use a metal one, lightly spray it with cooking oil, so it will fall out easier. Though I’m not sure how this will effect the color. You can also use a cookie cutter. Simply put the cookie cutters on wax paper, hold them still while you fill it with the goo, then let it set.

Mix 1 cup plaster of paris, 3/4 cup water and some paint in a bowl. Add paint until you like the color. Pour it into the mold and let it set over night.


Like I said…simple and easy. I also made a cute drawstring bag to hold the 12 stars I ended with. Follow this tutorial if you’d like to make one as well.

Perhaps next time I’ll bite the bullet and buy a dinosaur mold…for crayons perhaps?

Bedtime Beanie (Now on Etsy!)

Why are kids always the most fun to make stuff for!? You can choose whimsical fabric and make everything shaped like an animal. I love it. Here’s the latest addition to my ever-growing “random things I make for kids” list, and they are available on Etsy, here.

This is a microwaveable bedtime beanie. It’s filled with jasmine rice, flax seed and lavender oil. It’s the same concept as the baby belly bags, but this is geared towards older kiddos. It’s the perfect beanie to use when your little guy or gal isn’t feel so great, isn’t sleeping well, or just feels like snuggling with something. I can just hear my nephew now, “I want my whale Mommy…” in that cute whiny voice he has when he’s sleepy.

Besides making more whales, I’ll be adding an elephant to the list of beanie creations. Any other ideas from you all? It needs to be a simple shape with a recognizable silhouette.