IKEA Hack – Wardrobe to Sewing Room

FACT. I’m thrilled about our little one whose arrival can’t come quickly enough.

FACT. I already love our little one more than sewing.

FACT. Our house is small. Just under 1,000 square feet, two bedrooms.

FACT. One ENTIRE bedroom, is filled to the brim with my sewing/crafting stuff. Machine(s), glue, fabric, thread, paper, scissors, notions, pins, stickers, gift wrap, patterns, on & on & on & on.

FACT. Small children whom you love should not co-exist among such chaos. They bring their own baby-friendly chaos.

FACT. I need to sew.

FACT. My husband is the bomb diggity.

FACT. He turned this discontinued HEMNES wardrobe from IKEA into a lovely, totally functional sewing closet.

FACT. I’m not mourning the loss of an entire sewing room…cause look at this thing!


Before:005 After:012Features I love:
Matt added a pull out table (which a chair fits perfectly under) and drop down desk to fill the gap behind, so I never have to unplug-replug things, and there is space to spread out. 
020 019
Matt also added a shelf for our printer. That printer gets a lot of use. I print several recipes a week, not to mention the odd pattern, photo or receipt. I was bound and determined to have our printer set up so it was ready to go…always. He left a small gap behind the shelf for the cord to drop down, and drilled a hole at the base for an extension cord to seamlessly connect everything.

014 018
The side shelves have plenty of room for the essentials and then-some.

016FACT. Yes, I’ll have to use the kitchen table to cut out those big projects.

FACT. Big freaking deal. I’m blessed to have a kitchen table to use and blessed to be starting a family.

FACT. Getting rid of things and keeping only what you actually need feels fantastic .

FACT. Gideon appreciated the fabric purge…if only for a few moments.




IKEA hell.

I had a crazy dream last night. For those of you who have already read this on Facebook, I won’t be offended if you skip ahead, but I added some more detail here you might enjoy. In the dream, I was trapped in IKEA, for years. Of course that doesn’t seem unreasonable to anyone who has actually been to IKEA. I was wandering the center aisle. Walking and shopping, walking and shopping. I suddenly realized, “Whoa, I’ve been here a long time, the real world is out there!” This was all eerily similar to The Matrix. Like magic, I knew that there were cameras everywhere and it was some crazy-secret social experiment. I started trying to walk to the exit faster and faster. The rooms never ended! I tried taking shortcuts and soon chaos ensued.

It became obvious the employees would fight you if you tried to escape. After lots of flinging pans and pillows at people wearing yellow and blue shirts, I escaped into an empty white hallway where a rogue employee shouted, “Haley!! Here!!” She pointed me towards an elevator and she hit the elevator button twice. I rode it upwards for a long time. When the doors opened I was outside looking down onto a huge metal platform. I jumped out. When I looked back I saw I had jumped from a huge submarine. I watched the whole submarine dive back into the water, though it was obvious it was contained in the huge metal structure I was standing on. Anyway I guess I was “safe” because a great sense of relief came over me..

Phew! I wish I could say it meant anything to me…but I honestly I can’t think of what that would be. I like IKEA. This is the second dream I’ve had in the past month where I am escaping some “bad” entity. I try to escape, a fight of sorts ensues and there is always someone helping me along. Weird.

Anyway, for something NOT IKEA related.

I snagged this cool embroidered picture for $6. It seems pretty obvious that this is something you might still be able to find in a store, like Target (or IKEA?? Gasp!) But I thought it looked unique enough to bring home. 009 010 012 013Any interpretations of my dream? Or perhaps a recent and amazing thrift store purchase?