Mitered Corner Tutorial

I’ve often wondered how to get a beautifully sewn mitered corner. Not the kind you just fold, but the kind that are sewn closed with no thread showing. I would grab a dinner napkin and study its seams…thinking it would magically speak to me, telling me exactly how to create it. Well that didn’t happen. So I Googled it. It’s pretty simple and looks fantastic! Here’s how:007For this particular project, I wanted a 1 1/2″ hem total. So I started by folding my first hem in 3/4″, pressing, then folding my second hem in 3/4″. Whatever your measurements are, press well.

IMG_3067IMG_7078Press again. And press some more. You’ll use your creases as a measurement tool, so iron well. Hem all sides of your project like this.

When you’ve done that, unfold your second hem.

IMG_6203Fold one side back to second hem and mark where the outside corner meets the other fabric. (See the “X” below)

IMG_1851Do this with both sides. You’ll end up with something like this, with marks on both sides:


Still in first hem position fold the fabric, right sides together, matching up the dots.

IMG_4716Draw a line, from the dots you’ve made, to the corner of the crease made by the second hem. This is easier to see if your first hem is short than your second, but if they are the same size like mine, it’s also where your first hem ends and hits the corner of the fabric.

IMG_1531Pin and sew across that line.

IMG_4044Trim off excess and turn right side out. If needed use a turning tool or the blunt end of a skewer to turn properly.

IMG_1769Press and sew down to complete. 002

It looks sew nice.