I think I can…

I know this could be awesome. I’ve got a pile of projects waiting to be…well serged. But dammit I can’t even thread the thing.

IMG_5776Honestly…I’m not really sure how it was even created in the first place. It almost seems mistakenly put together. I imagine a bunch of people in lab coats and protective goggles standing around: “Well folks, I don’t think we can get this thing…oh wait!…Ok yes, we got it working…does anyone know how we did that?”

Besides all the hemming and altering of clothes I currently own, here are two projects that I can’t wait to get going on:

This absolutely adorable jersey bubble skirt – I can already see my niece running around in this. Bubble1 These fabric napkins must be in my hands as soon as possible. The pop of color and lovely slub linen are just too perfect for me. I think they’d make great Christmas gifts. Napkins

Sigh. I’ve got a serger. One that I can tell is awesome. Lent to me by a lovely women. Now…to thread it.


Sigh. Little lady I am SO proud of you. You paced around the coop for three days, trying to pop out that first egg. And you did it. I bet that was weird and slightly unpleasant for you. (See “egg labor” here…be warned.)560498_645838717854_1670373211_nAnnie, you are going to get your own special treat for this. I’m still confused why you don’t really cluck and instead you “scream cluck”. I could have sworn you were a rooster. Well, first things first…just get to laying!