more happy mail

Honestly…you know it and so do I. Getting mail is the best thing ever. So having a sweet little package from a friend delivered on Valentine’s Day has to just be awesome. I wanted to share some of that potential awesomeness with a few of my closest girlfriends.

Firstly, I made some cute simple bracelets with fancy little tags. Some of them looked like this:


Secondly I washi-taped, stickered and stamped the crap out of the bracelet boxes.

IMG_8519 IMG_8524 IMG_8525I wrapped them individually in brown craft paper, and proceed to again washi-tape the crap out of them (see a theme?). I clearly labeled the return address and double stick taped it to the back.

IMG_8509After making address cards and placing them on the front, I covered each box in clear mailing tape to seal the labels.

IMG_8528Then the best part…stamp it up! IMG_8612

I’ll give you ONE guess as to which of these five love languages is my most prevalent one: quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, or acts of service.

FYI: You can take items like this into the post office, or you can calculate it’s price if you know the weight online here. You should select the package option and enter the ounces. Then check the “first class mail and other options” sections – the first class parcel mail will be your price and you can calculate how many stamps you need. 

O Christmas Tree

It feels a little funny doing the whole Christmas tree thing when it’s just Matt and I. We don’t think there is a fat jolly man bringing us presents, nor do we load the bottom up with gifts to ourselves or others. And It’s a lot of work for something that few other people will see. But, we both feel that we must do it, for some inarticulate reason. Neither of us have strong feelings about it…it’s just something you do. So we did it. I do like the lights. And the smell.

We went U-Picking. Which was a bit overwhelming for an indecisive perfectionist like me.

037049But, against all odds we found one. Haley approved.

040042044Unbeknownst to me, I had an evening of decorating the tree alone ahead of me. My hubby informed me, a bit late, that he had grad school work to do. Luckily my lovely friend Lisby came by unannounced and was roped into tree decorating duty. I don’t think she minded.

053054-001055-001054It was like being in college (or maybe even high school) again. Matt actually had to come out and turn our Christmas music down so he could focus on his work. We just laughed and moaned “Poor Matt”. So that made it all worth it to me. As far as I’m concerned the setting-up part is the whole point and is something to be shared and enjoyed! Lisby made it so.

To my surprise (and Matt’s) we finished decorating the tree.

018I still love the metal washtub, doubling as the tree basin and the big metal star topper, both repeats from last year.

This washtub is from Lowes. I think it cost about $15 and our tree stand fits perfectly inside. I like its rustic and clean look.

017I couldn’t find a topper last year that met my standards. I wanted a big, rustic, metal star. I eventually settled with two wall-mount stars and just stuck em’ together with wire.

006I’d love to hear about your Christmas tree traditions. Got any good tips or DIY projects for your tree this year?

East coast, here I am.

I’m posting to you from the 2,969 miles away from my home. See I’ve got a lovely friend who moved over here last summer…and I’ve missed her.

I’m not the only one who has missed her. I’ve got two good friends who have also been waiting for an oppertunity to see her. This friend, Julie, has a husband named Tyler, whom we’ve also missed dearly. Tyler helped us plan a trip to see him and his beau. Better yet…a surprise trip. So for 5 months we’ve been secretly scheming behind Julie’s back. That’s what friends do.

Here is the look on Julie’s face, the moment she saw us standing outside her building…a jaw dropped look to make any “surpriser” feel successful.

Today we’re going to explore Yale, the beautiful school where these friends live. We’ve got a few trips into New York and Boston planned out. I’m especially excited for our lantern ghost tour of Plymouth.

So here’s to Tyler for lying to his wife, to Jenna and Kara for keeping me sane on an airplane and to Julie, for being such an incredible person…anyone would love to spend a week with her.

p.s. I’ve got a few posts already set up that will be coming this week!