Growing Things.

We went camping a few weekends ago. Of course we took Gidmaster-Fresh. I love it when Gideon comes camping because with his bed on one side and Matt’s on the other, I stay toasty and dew-free in the middle of our tent. When I woke up in the morning, I looked down to check on Gideon. This is what I saw: IMG_3888 He’s my favorite thing on the planet. It was so cute to see him tucked in under his blanket, sleepy and content. But back to the point of this post, look what I discovered today!IMG_4159Our first cherry tomato of the season. We’ve had a heat wave here recently, which I assume encouraged the sudden blushing of tomatoes. The corn, squash and beans are growing visibly taller by day. And the potatoes are loving life right now. Here is a glimpse of what we’ve got growing in the little raised bed section of our yard.IMG_4164We’re already done with broccoli and garlic, while kale, cilantro and some lettuce on their second plantings. New this year are the brussel sprouts and celery. We’ve had good luck with everything but the broccoli. This is the second year we’ve attempted it and somehow it never fully flourishes. Maybe there’s a trick I don’t know about? I was super happy with my choice to grab elephant garlic over the small cloves this year. It seemed to produce a better head of garlic more quickly.

One very cool and literally very big new thing we’ve got planted is asparagus…but more on that another time.

What are you growing? What’s flourishing? What’s ending up in the compost?

Beautiful Hard Times.

We had my nephew Samuel over for a sleepover this last Sunday. It’s always a blessing to have sleepovers with my nephew and niece. Sadly though, my Grandpa Hubert, a man loved by more people than I can count, passed away Sunday night. Matt and I visited on Saturday and spent our last moments with Grandpa. While it was hard not to be there with the whole family when things took a turn for the worst on Sunday night, I know my Grandpa would be happy with what I was spending my time doing. I was investing in Samuel’s life. Creating memories, strengthening our connections as a family. He was all about family. I’ve got so much to say about what Hubert’s passing has meant to me, about all that I’ve been learning. That’ll have to be processed before I spew it out here. In the meantime, you can see from these pictures that we had a great time with Samuel. We “camped” inside. Roasting marshmallows on the fire and sleeping in our tent. My favorite moment was when we just sat still, mesmerized by the fire. I was looking at a boy who might someday be sitting by my bedside when I’m 90 years old, sharing stories and saying goodbye. Sammers Sammers Sammers Sammers Sammers Sammers Sammers Sammers Sammers sammers SammersThank God for family. Thank God for Grandpa and all he meant to so many.