Pinterest Win.

I felt like I had to do a Pinterest Win because this DIY project was just as freakishly cute and easy as the original pin made it look.

Here is one of about 50 versions of this project:

Here is the one I created, with wire and burlap twine from around the house.

I left the lid-ring on the jar, because I liked the way it looked, but you don’t have to. Take some heavy gauge wire, wrap it just under the lip of the jar tightly. Making a loop on either side.

Be sure to very tightly secure the wire, so it can hold the weight of the jar. Tie burlap, twine or wire to the hooks at the length you like. I doubled up on this burlap twine. Just in case.

Toss in some water and pretty flowers and you have yourself instant prettiness. I wanted to wrap burlap around the wire, to pretty it up even more, but I ran out of twine. Next time. Oh and there will be a next time.

Pinterest success.


For the bride…

Little Emily Anne,

I wish you all the best this coming May as you join lives with a lovely lumberjack named Zack. I prayed for you as I made your hair peice. I prayed that your day would go perfectly, that you would feel like the only bride in the world. I’m sure it will be a true reflection of you…bright, welcoming and darn right pretty.

Little Flower Things.

One of my favorite blogs, V and Co., gave a tutorial on little flower rings back in the day. I finally made them yesterday. These are really fun and easy to make. If you’d like to make them yourself, I found the best blank, adjustable rings via Etsy. I couldn’t find exactly what I needed at any of the local craft stores.

 I got so into making these things, I made about 5. I experimented with felt, linen and cotton. The one above in linen turned out the best. I turned a little red felt one into a hair pin. Also known as gluing it to a bobby pin.

I also thought little magnets or a necklace charm would be cute. Endless possibilities! Any ideas from you all?

Pom Pom Necklace.

I like cool necklaces like this. I usually don’t want to buy them because, A. I don’t want to spend the money and B. It looks like I could make it myself.

So voila! I found this DIY necklace at via Pinterest. It’s such an awesome tutorial I wont bother replaying the whole thing.

Give it a try!

Rosy Red Pin Giveaway!

Okay! It’s time for the very first ever Haley-Giveaway. This Rosy Red Pin could be accompanying you on your next night out in no time.

Here’s my dilemma I need help with: I need a name. I mean yeah, I’ve got a name…you know, Haley. But in my Etsy shop, on the things I sell, for my booth, I need a “shop” name. Something to put on my business cards, etc. It’s like my brain has exploded and I can’t think of anything beyond, “Haley made this.” It’s really pathetic! You all have some of the most creative minds…just waiting to help me.

All you have to do is comment on this post and your name will be entered in a drawing to win my Rosy Red Pin. Add your thoughts or comments. You don’t need to come up with some brilliant idea…I just need some brainstorming buddies. Someone else’s idea sound awesome? I don’t mind if my name is in it…I just need something. Can’t you see yourself wearing this pin? I know you can…

Feel free to leave your comments all through the weekend! On Monday, the winner will be announced!

Bedroom Mural

There are many times when I am sitting in silence in my house…on my couch, bench, bed, out by the coop or while working quietly on a chore, like laundry or dishes imagining how I’d like something to be. & suddenly all the details of a project come into my mind. It’s almost like every aspect to complete it are there all at once and I can see the finished project in vivid detail. I then feverishly start working on whatever idea floated into my mind. As if I pause for too long I might lose the vision and the details along with it. This mural was one such feverish project.

I’ve hated our off-center window since the day we moved in. For some reason I really like things to be symmetrical and weighted evenly. I’d envisioned many times, covering this wall with some fancy modern wall paper which would distract from the gaping hole happening on one side of the wall (the window). But alas, I’m not made of money so that option was out. I’d also contemplated curtains, pictures, mirror, etc, but nothing seemed just right. So out of the blue while petting my lovely Corgi, it popped into my mind. Just paint it yourself. So I did.

I searched for a picture of a big graphic flower (because that’s the kind of wall paper I was attracted to). I found this flower on an image of a greeting card. It was perfect. Big, relatively simple and bold. I used white chalk on our “Moth Wing” colored walls, and had fully intended to end with deep orange purple and red flowers. But once I had outlined the flowers in chalk and had primed the petal with white, I decided to leave the flowers white. It was simple and nice. While I held the picture at a length and free-handed the petals, I only followed the exact pattern on the first flower I drew. The others are versions of this flower. Chalk is a great medium to use when drafting a mural. It easily and clearly marks the wall and it’s so easy to remove. When I would step back and see the outline of my flower, realizing that I didn’t like what I saw, I simply took a paper towel (or more frequently my sleeve) and wiped it away.

I love the bedroom wall now. It’s peaceful and lovely. And, like many of my feverish projects, my husband had no clue what was taking place at home while he was at work…but, like all of my projects, he loved it.