simple valentines bunting

IMG_8562During our short stretch of snow days I, as could have been predicted, spent countless hours on Pinterest. Of course people are pinning all sorts of valentines ideas which I normally pass up and don’t spend time on. But the past few days, I’ve had nothing but time. So I decided to follow up on a pin that led me to where I printed off the bunting from this free template. 

I’m so glad I did! Simple, cute, quick and not flashy or overly pink. Love it.

IMG_8564I printed two pages onto a nice burlap-brown colored card stock. Simply staple the top corners together. It creates a great hinge for the two triangles.
IMG_8563IMG_8571 IMG_8561You putting up any simple valentine’s day decorations?

be thou my vision

Some songs just stick with you. They last through transitions, within one’s life and throughout generations. “Be Thou My Vision” is most assuredly one of those songs. The lyrics have been wandering through my mind the past few weeks.

I like creating these little pictures to use as my home screen or desktop background. I print them and hang them around my house or stick them to the fridge. It’s a beautiful way to see meaningful words and add color to my surroundings.

These new ones are yours to print, save, send, share. Enjoy.

IMG_7564IMG_7753 IMG_7878

*Photos are taken and edited by Homespun Haley.

Cozy Flowers

Trust me. I know about the vintage sheet craze. I’ve been suckered in a time or two. I do love it. I’ve got this weird IKEA/cottage/1950’s/shabbychic/pop/antique style going on. I’m not sure what to do with all that except that I’ve found elements all those styles have in common and I just go with it. If you’re confident about it, then who gives a sheet?! (Yes that was a pun). Live with what you love and keep it simple.

I was at a thrift store (surprise) and stumbled upon several beautifully colored vintage-looking sheets for 2 bucks a pop. I got to thinking about all the wonderful things I could make. Bags, pillows, shirts, quilts, aprons, hand towels, scarves, pj pants, pot holders….the list is practically endless.

Then I had a crazy thought, “What if I just use these as…sheets?”

So I did.

IMG_6117IMG_6111 IMG_6103 IMG_6437 IMG_6451

IMG_6430Yeah, that’s right. There’s not a single picture of my bed actually made. The only time it’s made is when I change the sheets and a couple of days after that. And with cute sheets like this it actually looks better messy.

Perhaps to no ones surprise, I still did a little sewing. I took two king sheets, cut them down to size and, sewing right sides together with a 2 foot opening at the end, made a double-sided duvet cover. You just can’t get enough mismatched little flowers if you ask me.

What friends are for.

Friends tell friends about amazing DIY websites. You don’t horde it all for yourself. A dear friend and trusty commenter, Kara, did just that. She told me about Ana White. SERIOUSLY the best place to find online plans and designs for all sorts of furniture. It’s eye candy for sure. Her hubby made her a cute console table…and I knew I had to get my hands on something similar.

I retired our little, semi-adequate chest coffee table, leaving a vast nothingness in its wake. All this in hopes that my husband would get so annoyed with the lack of a coffee table that he’d make one. Well months went by where we used a chair as a coffee table. And I realized that I was married to a man who picks up dirty spoons and blows on them to make them clean and would never wash a towel or a single sock if I weren’t around. If it functions in any way, shape, or form…it’s adequate. So I printed out the plans for this table, placed them on his pillow, and wrote on the mirror with a dry-ease marker, “Get lumber at Lowes today.” Well, I had him at “lumber”.


IMG_5954He skipped a few steps (an “X” at the end and some hardware on the corners) that I’ll advocate for later. For now, I’ll put my feet up and enjoy the beautiful table he created for us.

IMG_5945 IMG_5941 IMG_5949It’s a weekend project and was relatively inexpensive ($50). Boo yeah! Can’t beat it! If you know what’s good for you, you’ll check out And if you’re a good friend, you’ll pass on the link.

Pinterest Fail – Watercolor Streamers

Well it’s happened again. I turned to Pinterest for help with some cheap DIY party decor. And once again, I botched a project.

A dear friend of mine has a baby on the way. I was decorating for her shower at our church. Church baby-showers are not typically supported by big budgets. So I figured I would try out this streamer water color idea. Cheap, cute, unique. And I had several roles of white Dollar Tree streamers left over from who knows what. How could it go wrong?

Here is the original pin:


IMG_8142Now I thought the outcome of the above project was subtle but cute. I bet I could make them more vibrant.

Here’s how it works:

Mix food coloring with water until you get your desired color.

IMG_2749Dip the streamer into said water. IMG_2750 Give it a second. Pull it out. IMG_2751 Let it dry. IMG_2753

Seems simple enough. I started this project 2 days before the shower. (The shower was on a Sat morning…I made these on Thursday morning). Who would have thought it would take 2 whole days for these to dry? Not I.

Well. It didn’t take two days to dry. It took 8. EIGHT WHOLE FREAKING DAYS.

In the original post, she mentions the whole drying-slow thing and she actually took a blow dryer to hers. I was not in the mood for blow drying streamers. HENCE why I gave myself 2 WHOLE DAYS of buffer time.

Beyond the whole drying thing…here’s how they turned out:

First off, they became really brittle and crunchy. And Secondly, most of them ended up looking more like something in a surgeons trash can. (Which I noted would be handy come October.)

IMG_2873The colors bled, which could actually look cool…
IMG_2874…IF the color actually soaked all the way through the streamer. Instead the colors ended about 12 inches into the darn thing.


They also soaked up rust off my old-craft cooling rack I set them on. Good for the crappy cooling rack…bad for the streamer.
IMG_2875I even set them out in the sun at one point, to get them dry faster. One rolled off and landed in the dirt. Ugh.
IMG_2876All in all, the lessons I learned for this are as followed:

#1. Use less water. Like a 1/4 cup is enough. But you probably won’t see the color by the end of the streamer…I’m guessing. And I’m not going to do it again to find out.

#2. This will be most handy when you actually need a bloody-gauze look. Halloween.

#3. Buy colored streamers.

O Christmas Tree

It feels a little funny doing the whole Christmas tree thing when it’s just Matt and I. We don’t think there is a fat jolly man bringing us presents, nor do we load the bottom up with gifts to ourselves or others. And It’s a lot of work for something that few other people will see. But, we both feel that we must do it, for some inarticulate reason. Neither of us have strong feelings about it…it’s just something you do. So we did it. I do like the lights. And the smell.

We went U-Picking. Which was a bit overwhelming for an indecisive perfectionist like me.

037049But, against all odds we found one. Haley approved.

040042044Unbeknownst to me, I had an evening of decorating the tree alone ahead of me. My hubby informed me, a bit late, that he had grad school work to do. Luckily my lovely friend Lisby came by unannounced and was roped into tree decorating duty. I don’t think she minded.

053054-001055-001054It was like being in college (or maybe even high school) again. Matt actually had to come out and turn our Christmas music down so he could focus on his work. We just laughed and moaned “Poor Matt”. So that made it all worth it to me. As far as I’m concerned the setting-up part is the whole point and is something to be shared and enjoyed! Lisby made it so.

To my surprise (and Matt’s) we finished decorating the tree.

018I still love the metal washtub, doubling as the tree basin and the big metal star topper, both repeats from last year.

This washtub is from Lowes. I think it cost about $15 and our tree stand fits perfectly inside. I like its rustic and clean look.

017I couldn’t find a topper last year that met my standards. I wanted a big, rustic, metal star. I eventually settled with two wall-mount stars and just stuck em’ together with wire.

006I’d love to hear about your Christmas tree traditions. Got any good tips or DIY projects for your tree this year?

Halloween, Haley Style (aka, creepy and weird)

Is it just me or did October’s end come without warning? I mean really…it’s Halloween. What? How the hay-bales did that happen?

Today I finally dug out my “Halloween” box. It’s not too hard to spot.

It consists of: 1 large pot and spoon, about a pots worth of arms, legs and torso, 1 glass jar, about a jars worth of heads, 3 crows – complete with nail polished bloody beaks and eyes, a few battery operated candles…for ambiance, and 1 creepy old birdcage. I thought about titling this post, “DIY look like a total creep and put baby heads in a jar”.

Step one: Go to a thrift store and buy a bunch of dolls. When the cashier says, “oh cute, what are you going to do with those?” Answer: “Tear them apart to cook/jar them…you know, canning is back in these days” Then laugh, expect a laugh in return…get a scowl.

Step two: Do everything outside so your neighbors and passers-by can see. Tear the dolls apart, cut off their hair, roll them in mud and toss them in a container.

Step three: Then spend a weird amount of time looking at what you’ve done, laughing about how funny it is.

Step four: Then spend even more time taking pictures of what you’ve done. Make sure passers-by get a good glimpse at you taking close-ups of fake bloody crows.

Step five: Bring out the same weird decorations, year after year.