The adventure continues to unfold…




The food bump.

Now, I can’t pretend to be an expert or anything. I’ve been pregnant for 4 months out of my whole lifetime. But there is something I have learned. You know that “baby bump” that begins to appear soon after women start their blissful journey into the second trimester? People start to comment on “the bump” they see,and perhaps even reach out their hand (Dear God I hope they know you really well or else you have permission to slap their hand) and feel “the baby”.

Listen friends. You’re actually seeing/feeling her lunch. Or breakfast, or perhaps dinner, or perhaps a snack. I wake up in the morning, looking sort of pregnant…sort of tubby. By the end of the evening, I look legitimately pregnant. It’s a gross transition. Tubby to that exciting “pop” you were told would happen any moment…and then you wake up in the morning and it’s back to tubby. So if you were actually going to feel the baby, you’d have to feel in between a women’s groin and her belly button. Awkward. Obviously there comes a point when this isn’t the case, but during the beginning stages of bumpage, it is.

Here’s a diagram for those of you who need a visual. It starts at the beginning of pregnancy (look how roomy it is in there, it’s like a 5 star suite!). Your intestines have all this room to spread out and move stuff right along. But quickly, your intestines are squished up and your bladder down. So think about it…right now, my intestines are beginning their journey into squashed land and no longer fill my lower abdomen. So when I eat throughout the day, my stomach visible grows larger. The pictures make it clear why women at 30+ weeks deserve to have things picked up/moved/done for them. I mean good gaawwwddd.


In summary:


Anyway, I can’t really complain. My pregnancy so far has been a cake walk. More pros than cons. One moment of serious food aversion to squash and potatoes when I was 10ish weeks along. Never a speck of nausea. The fatigue was pretty bad. I felt depressed as the daily tasks that used to be so easy, piled up around me while I napped. But hey. I’d rather be sleepy than pukey. And some women have to deal with both (I’m SO sorry!).

And before you ask…yes, that is a Nerf gun on the ground. No, I don’t have a son I never told you about. Yes…it belongs to my husband and he keeps it next to the bed…ya know, in case of intruders.



Snuggly Owl Blanky

Sewing for me is an absolute joy. I LOVE it. Mostly because you turn bits and pieces of fabric into something functional, beautiful, enjoyable. It’s a hobby that you can get increasingly better at, there’s always something new to learn and try.

I’ve been working on a lot of fun projects lately. One of my most favorite, was plucked out of my vivid, ever-changing imagination. Without a pattern, you are challenged to think through dimension and get creative with what you’ve got. My new little niece Sayla had a party coming up, and I knew that was the perfect opportunity to make something altogether new.

I’ve had a yard of pink paisley minky lying around my house, which I thought would be perfect for a blanky project. But how to make it original and fun? I sketched out some ideas, and ultimately created a snuggly owl blanky.

The inside of this little owl here is made from a precious old daisy pillowcase, which belonged to Sayla’s recently passed Great Grandma. IMG_9111Loops of textured ribbon are great for babies self soothing skills. They love to play with them.
IMG_9119 IMG_9117 Layered pieces of felt create dimensional sleepy eyes that look like they need a snuggle. IMG_9118 IMG_9115 The blanky is big enough to wrap a little one up nice and tight. IMG_9128If you’d like to know how to make your own snuggly blanky, just say so and I’ll put a tutorial together! In the meantime, what from your inspired imagination are you going to make reality this week?

Mobile Magnificence.

It’s a funny thing, thanking people for letting me make them stuff.

But really, it’s flattering just to be asked. I not only feel awesome because people love something I’ve made, but gift-giving is a love language of mine, so it gives me an opportunity to express it. Usually I get to challenge myself a bit and make something I’ve never made before.

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Pretty Things

Little dresses are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to whip out. “Whipping” a dress out usually takes about 3 hours, but that’s quick enough to still give me a sense of instant gratification. This pattern (See & Sew Dress B5629) was really easy to follow. I would suggest it for anyone who wants to try clothes-making for the first time. My advice no matter how easy the project: read slowly and thoroughly before you sew. Make sure you understand the concept.

This dress was made for a little one named Daphne. She is set to be born in September, and my hope is that she will be able to wear it next Spring.

The rose ribbon along the yoke wasn’t a part of the pattern, but I felt like the dress needed some pizzazz.

I made sure to use easy care apparel fabric and ribbon that was busy-family friendly. It’s designed to be tossed right into the washer and dryer.

I was sending up prayers for Daphne’s safe arrival while I was cutting and sewing this little number. I’m pretty confident that she’ll look adorable in it :)


Dear Calvin,

I’m so happy you’re coming into the world soon.

I hope you like the dino I made for you to snuggle with.

You should be super excited. Your mommy and daddy are some of the funniest and most genuine people I know.

I expect you to be just as charismatic as they are.

Also, if you’re anything like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes you’ll be the cutest and wittiest kid on the block.

Just remember, your parents love you more than life itself.

Love, “Auntie” Haley


Some Calvin & Hobbes quotes for your enjoyment:

“Who was the first guy that look at a cow and said,” I think that I’ll drink whatever comes out of those things when I squeeze them?”

“Some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants won’t help.”

“What fun is it being cool if you can’t wear a sombrero?”

“Life’s disappointments are harder to take when you don’t know any swear words.”

Girly Things.

There is nothing I loved more than a cute dress when I was little. Before 3rd grade, which marks the age I dive bombed into tomboyhood, I was a girly girl. I loved purses and frilly things. I wore my mom’s heels around, loved pretending I was a princess and could whisk my hair off my shoulder like a pro. Happily, my niece is starting to develop a lot of the same tendencies. She holds little purses on her wrist, loves nail polish and wearing fun dresses.

So I couldn’t help myself. I had to make her a little dress.

I picked up this pattern (Burda Kids 9494 – style B) at JoAnn’s. It only required 1 yard of fabric but I grabbed 1 & 1/4 yard just to be safe. I have never made kids clothing before, so I was a bit unsure. This pattern was great though. It’s easy to follow and only took a few hours! 

The felt flower is a pin (adding a flower was my husband’s idea). The top is double yoked so the pin doesn’t actually stick through the whole top. And since it’s removable she can use the flower with other outfits.

The zipper installed fine, but the top of the zipper looked a little ragged and I could tell it would be scratchy. So I added some soft felt to finish it.

When asked if she liked the dress, Gianna (19 months old) approved loudly with her classic straight forward, over enunciated response, “Yesss!”.

So here’s to adorable little girls, for giving aunties like me a chance to make pretty things.