Hi there! My name’s Haley. I’ve been trying to think about how to make this “about” section different from other’s I have seen. I could tell you where I live, what I do for a living, if I have kids, what my hobbies are, etc. I guess if you’re here that’s what you want to know. So I’ll create a middle name for all of the descriptors of my life. After all, we are what we spend our time doing right? Let’s hope we’re doing what we love and what glorifies our unthinkably gracious God. It seems fitting that the ways in which we spend our time on Earth should become a part of who we are, should shape us in some way. This is what my name would be (at least some of it):

Hi! I’m Haley Portlander, Hen-owner, Corgi-lover, Late-nighter, Wife, God-believer, Friend, Murder mystery reader, Thrift store-junkie, Vegetarian, Shower-singer, Decorator, Joke-teller, Garden tender, Anxiety-attacker, Friendly neighbor, DIYer, Ice Cream-eater, Etsy shop-owner, Audio book-listener, Impulse shopper, Sporadic Runner, Best Auntie-Ever Krueger.

What’s your name?

Email – homespunhaley@gmail.com

Etsy Shop – http://www.etsy.com/shop/HomespunHaley

Haley and Gideon