Spud Killer

Okay. So I was weeding some of our veggie beds today. There is one in particular that I was weeding…my soon to be brussel sprouts bed. Anywho, I was weeding away, ripping things out and tossing them in a bucket. I yanked real hard on one weed and “POP!”, out came a potato. WHAT!?

IMG_2878 When I took a closer look, sure enough the foliage looked just like a potato plant. Okay, do potatoes go to seed? I was astonished…I felt like a murderer. How the hay-bails does this happen? I find it so fascinating because I have only ever planted potatoes with actual spuds.


Here is a picture of where this bed is located in comparison to our potato box. I can only assume the potatoes went to seed and made a mini-edible tuber in the neighboring box.


Anyone have an explanation? I could just google it, but that seems less fun.


2 thoughts on “Spud Killer

  1. Potatoes “volunteer” (grow the next season on their own) really easily. My dad has random potatoes all over his garden every year and he hasn’t planted them in ages. Gardening always holds the most fun surprises!

  2. we get volunteer potatoes too. Could have been a little guy hiding in some dirt that you moved.
    About your brussel sprouts…have you grown them before? We’ve planted starts twice, once last summer and then again last fall. Neither time did the brussels “sprout”. We got nice plants but that’s it. Our broccoli did great over the winter and we just finished eating them last night.

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