And it begins again.

This is probably the best sight ever:

IMG_2345It’s been several weeks since the ladies laid their last egg for the winter. It’s been terrible …bearable. I will say right here and now, I’ve become an egg snob. We had to buy eggs eventually. It was sad. We didn’t put as much research into as we could have, but all the eggs we did buy, no matter how organic or free-range they were…were just sad. Sad little pale yolks, with sad flavor. And I feel sad for those ladies where ever they are…laying sad little eggs.

But I’m past it now, since my ladies are on the move again. I actually opened the coop door the other day and saw a small pile of eggs in a makeshift nest just inside the door. I tossed an egg in the nesting box and threw a hen in there to check it out. Like magic, they began to use the nesting box again.The day previous we had given the coop a nice deep clean. Took everything out, swept, and filled it with fresh fir shavings. I told my hubby that I suspected they would lay soon and couldn’t bear the thought of them laying eggs “in such an unclean environment.” He just rolled his eyes.

But they must have agreed with me. Cause the second it was all fresh and clean…pow! They are little egg making machines. This picture was taken of Miss Marple while she was in mid birth push squeeze  plop.


Poor girl. I didn’t realize it at the time. I thought she was just standing up looking at me. It wasn’t until I heard a soft “thump” that I realized an egg had just dropped from her lovely hind quarters.

I think I’ve already told you enough about my hen-spoiling habits that this won’t come as a surprise. But I just read that you can put fresh culinary herbs in your laying boxes, and it’s like aromatherapy for your hens. Basil, lavender, etc. Someone even used rose petals. One hen supposedly fell asleep in her box she was so relaxed. Chicks of all kinds in the wild rub against plants like this to get some of the natural oil.      !?

Here’s the picture I saw:


Am I crazy or does that sound like a cool idea? It’s okay…you can say I’m crazy.


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