Color Removal Magic.

Last year, I went with my friend Lisby to a “clothing swap”. It’s the best concept on the planet. You gather all the clothes you don’t want/wear/need/like anymore and swap them for other people’s clothes which they don’t want/wear/need/like anymore. It’s brilliant.

I got a dress (which I don’t have a “before” picture of) at the swap. At the time I tried it on, I loved the fit. Light weight and summery. I didn’t so much like the bright yellow-ombre effect, but I couldn’t pass on the free dress. I figured I’d like it eventually.

This picture I found online, while a different dress, has the exact same coloring as my dress:

Yellow Dress

The summer came and went and the dress never left my closet. What I really wanted was this dress without the yellow. So I looked up my options. Welcome, RIT color removal. I totally assumed this stuff wouldn’t work. I figured I would end up with a urine colored dress or one that was just off-white enough to look dirty.

RIT color removal

I went for it anyway. Since I was treating just one small dress, I decided to try the stove top option. You basically heat the water, add the RIT powder and then throw your clothing in there. You stir and stir and stir until you reach the desired effect.

RIT color removal

After only a few moments, two things became astonishingly clear. Firstly, I had underestimated the absolutely intense odor that would be wafting through my house. Since it’s freezing outside I hesitate to open doors, but after the perm-smelling solution began to give me a headache, I decided to play it safe. So shivering and smelly, I stirred the dress for about 25 minutes. Secondly, I noticed that it was working. Within moments the yellow was fading quickly.

After an intensely smelly clean up, (you MUST wear gloves and carefully clean out your pot and everything the magic water touched) this is what resulted:

RIT color removal RIT color removalA perfectly perfect white dress. Well, if you look closely, the thread never did fade. Which I thought was very strange.
RIT color removal

So why should you care about this? Not only will RIT take out unwanted color, but you know those white sheets that have yellowed slightly? Those dish towels or bath towels that have lost their fresh white look? When bleach doesn’t do the job anymore, you can use the RIT wash machine application to make whites look new again! Technically this prepares items to be dyed with color, but I like white…a lot. Maybe someday I’ll try to color things up.

Any other RIT experiences out there?


One thought on “Color Removal Magic.

  1. I used to dye my clothes with RIT all the time when I was a teen. More specifically faded black cotton clothes. It’s great for a certain time frame to be able to extend the life of a piece of clothing but then the re-dyeing (sp?) takes a toll and the fabric fibres start to stiffen and fall apart. I do still love it for new projects but it’s been a few years since I’ve tried the last one.

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