As I sit and watch the live streaming news about what happened this morning in Connecticut, I’m overwhelmed with grief. Never before had a tragedy taken place in an area I was familiar with and it was always difficult for me to imagine what that experience must be like. Tuesdays mall shooting, just a few miles from my house, was the first time I experienced that sense of danger and uncertainty. I’ve walked through that mall a hundred times. I was fearful after hearing what had happened, my imagination plunging into dark places. So today, as I sit with the absolute horror of what’s happening on the opposite side of the country, I grieve for them in a new and personal way. I can see the chaos, the cries and faces of those grieving. So ya know, it feels wrong to post about DIY projects, Christmas cards, and recipes. I want to take a day or two off. Instead of distracting myself from the pain, covering up the emotion with “stuff”, I’m going to sit with it. I would encourage you, to the extent that you are able, to sit with it as well.


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