I’m off on this by a few days but November 2nd marked the one year anniversary of Homespun Haley. Wow! 211 posts baby! It definitely doesn’t feel like it’s been a year. I still remember when I finally decided to “go for it”. People don’t understand how vulnerable it feels to blog! Everyone has the ability to see what you’re doing, critic your thoughts and make any sort of comment they want. I’ve been blessed with a great gathering of followers and for those of you who have stuck around for all the twists and turns, I am so thankful!

Here is the first post I ever did:

Title: “Puppers

“I’m never home alone”

…and that was it. Actually it appears as if I posted about a bedroom mural first, but that was just a mistake I made when I was teaching myself how to post something. I flipped stuff around. I’ve learned so much through this whole process. I learned how to set up camera shots in such a way that even my dinky little digital camera can produce great images. I’ve learned that no matter how many times I proof read something, there will always be a typo. I’ve gotten to know some other bloggers whose perspectives have been enlightening. This blog gave me the creative fuel to start and maintain my Etsy shop, which I’m humbled to say actually brought me a decent amount of income this month (all the $$ went back into fabric…of course). I’ve been able to express my creative energy through projects and have been challenged to learn how to articulate my thoughts to someone else (you.) It’s been great.

So to celebrate, I bought a carton of egg nog at the store and drank it on the way home. Oh I’m just kidding! I didn’t do it to celebrate, I did it because I was craving egg nog.

Here’s to another year!


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