Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.

Meet Gianna. My lovely Niece. We had a slumber party.

At Auntie Haley’s house, Gianna is all sweet. With little bits of spice here and there.We had SO much fun. It’s amazing how much she reminded me of what it was like to be a little girl myself. To brush hair, tie bows, dance, read, and play pretend. It was a breath of fresh air. The reminder that I needed, to pay closer attention to small and simple things.

We went on walks, carrying cherry tomatoes for a mid-walk snack.

We waved goodbye to Jack, the black neighbor cat…several times.

We folded laundry.

We danced around with ribbon.

Looked intently into the mirror….finally deciding that mirror-Gi needed a kiss.

We flirted with Uncle Matt in the morning.
Ate heart-shaped pancakes.

Pointed out all the resident cats, squirrels and birds.

We found goodies in my wallet,

and read until our heart’s content.

My heart was full by the time we dropped Gianna off at home. Her sweet “I missed you” hugs to Mommy and Daddy were almost too cute to watch.

Here’s to many more slumber parties with my favorite little girl.


2 thoughts on “Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.

  1. Ah, i live this!! She asks to go see Gid-dog, Matt and Hay-yee at least once a week (it was more like once a day for the first few days immediately after).

  2. How precious! I’m so glad for you that you got to have at least one of each- niece and nephew! How fun! You were my favorite little girl too, Haley Baley. My whole life changed when you were born. You were my little doll. I loved you so much- still do!

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