Jackpot. Haley style.

Just a friendly and somewhat pushy reminder for you all:

TONIGHT – Smitten Kitchen‘s Deb Perelman will be at Powell’s books on Burnside (Portland, OR), for a book signing and Q+A @ 7:30pm. BE THERE! I will.

On another note, I found some amazing hand-painted, wooden ornaments at an estate sale the other day. It’s funny how little things like this make my heart full. Here is a small sampling of the “jackpot” I found:

The surprised Santa, rawr-ing lion and the hairy chested trapeze man are by far my favorite. There is something about the history of things that instantly evokes a feeling fascination in me. This last Sunday our pastor asked us what moments in life take our breath away? Hands down, every time I learn the history or story of an object or space, I am blown away. Like the Bristlecone pines that have been growing since before Christ walked the Earth. The rocks that have been slowly chipped away, exposed to the sun, water and air for billions of years. The cobble-stone streets in Boston where thousands of people have walked. It makes me feel small, and yet significant. I sat down with two wonderful people from my church the other day, in hopes of hearing some stories from their past, how they came to create the church building we were sitting in. I sat there,  just weeping while they talked. It’s still hard to articulate why.

I get the same, yet less dumb-struck feeling when I see/feel things like these ornaments. They were made by someone, somewhere, whose life I’ll never know. By using things that have been used before me, I feel more a part of this cyclical world.

I would assume jackpot means to get a lot for very little. If you put $25 into a slot machine and get $1000 out…jackpot! I paid almost nothing for these little things but didn’t get double my money back. Yet I walked away feeling like I had something worth more than money in my hands. So…jackpot for me.


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