Halloween, Haley Style (aka, creepy and weird)

Is it just me or did October’s end come without warning? I mean really…it’s Halloween. What? How the hay-bales did that happen?

Today I finally dug out my “Halloween” box. It’s not too hard to spot.

It consists of: 1 large pot and spoon, about a pots worth of arms, legs and torso, 1 glass jar, about a jars worth of heads, 3 crows – complete with nail polished bloody beaks and eyes, a few battery operated candles…for ambiance, and 1 creepy old birdcage. I thought about titling this post, “DIY look like a total creep and put baby heads in a jar”.

Step one: Go to a thrift store and buy a bunch of dolls. When the cashier says, “oh cute, what are you going to do with those?” Answer: “Tear them apart to cook/jar them…you know, canning is back in these days” Then laugh, expect a laugh in return…get a scowl.

Step two: Do everything outside so your neighbors and passers-by can see. Tear the dolls apart, cut off their hair, roll them in mud and toss them in a container.

Step three: Then spend a weird amount of time looking at what you’ve done, laughing about how funny it is.

Step four: Then spend even more time taking pictures of what you’ve done. Make sure passers-by get a good glimpse at you taking close-ups of fake bloody crows.

Step five: Bring out the same weird decorations, year after year.



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