Linen Wreath – Quick DIY

I know this is the second wreath posting I’ve done this month, and I’m sorry if that irritates you. Tis the season…for wreaths and irritation.

In Haley-land there isn’t a garage full of rotating seasonal decor. If I spend money on a project, even a $10 project like this one, I want to be able to use it for at least 6 months before it looks weird and has to go hide somewhere for a while. Christmas is a different story. I don’t expect to hang stockings on my mantle until August and that’s okay with me.  My very special Halloween decor, which you’ll see here next week, is pretty disturbing and more of a joke. Outside of that, I don’t have Holiday-specific decorations.

Also, I typically don’t make sparkly things, but this wreath had a good balance between sparkle and natural. So much so, you’re hard pressed to even see the sparkle in these picture. The inspiration (which I’ve since lost the link to) had “wonder joy” in the center. Cute and Christmas-y. So I changed it “welcome” so I could put it out now and keep it around until I get sick of it.

This wreath was SO easy to make! I wrapped natural linen strips around a straw wreath, hot gluing it periodically as I went. Then I took a cloth doily, cut it in half and glued both halves in place.

I grabbed a big flower from a craft store and added some sparkly paint to the petals and leaves.

For my little banner, I simply glued some pre-sparkled cardboard letters to twine.


And there you have it. Funny thing is, after I took these pictures I closed my screen door, and it smooshed the wreath. Ha! It was way to thick. So it’s now hanging above our fireplace. Heck. That’s how life is. Have you made any cool decorations this Fall? I’d love to hear about them!


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