It’s really pretty pathetic…


…how much joy finding a thrifty gem brings me.

I was walking around a local thrift store and saw this, low on a shelf.

I thought to myself, “Oh…what a sweet little wooden sewing machine case.”

Then I opened it.

(*Trumpets sounding) “Holy sweet sewing heaven!! What do I have here?!”

Because of my $5.00 find last year, I know a thing or two about vintage Singers. If the serial number begins with a number, it was made pre-1900s. If there is a single letter prefix, it’s between 1900 and 1923. If it’s a double letter pre-fix, it’s after that. Now I thought, based on my other old machine, that this would from the 30’s. Alas, I was 8 years off. This model was made in 1948. Side note: That’s the year my Mom was born. You can do the math and figure out exactly how vintage both this machine and my mother are.

I was so ecstatic to find an old machine like this in almost-perfect condition. The only scuffs came from a pin holder that was wrapped around the next of the machine. Pins would slide through and scratch the surface. But it still looks like it’s been sitting in someone’s garage for the last 30 years because it’s unbelievable nice.

And check out the matching metal pedal?!


So I bought it. Duh.

After inspecting the weirdly intact cords closely, I decided it was safe to plug it into the wall. And oh my stars…let there be light.

The light attached to the back of the machine works perfectly.

But it can’t be…there’s no way. Let a rumbling of the Earth accompany the trumpets and light…the whole friggin’ machine works.

 Of course the first thing I uttered was, “I’m going to freakin’ sew with this thing!!” Then reality set in. The machine I currently have is really nice and easier to use. Plus it doesn’t weigh 50 pounds (I kid you not). And I don’t think I could tell the difference anyways. It really does crack me up that this comes built into travel case. Who the heck would/can lug this thing around!?

But you know what, it works, and that’s awesome. It now holds a place of honor in my craft room…and (get ready for the cheesy line) in my heart.


9 thoughts on “It’s really pretty pathetic…

  1. What an amazing find! I’d love to find a singer machine lying around, even if I did only end up using it for decoration (which would be highly likely). Amazing that it still works so well!

    • Thanks for the comment Fwaire! I bet if you became a thrift store junkie like me you could find one too! I know it’s funny that I get so excited about it working…I probably won’t ever use it. But it’s a good conversation piece. :)

    • :) Thanks for the comment! I know…It’s freaky how excited I got. I kept thinking other people in the store were going to snatch it from me. When I got in my car, I felt like I had just gotten away with something, ha!

      • Oh yeah, I get it. Elevated heart rate and shaking hands….all while trying to maintain a calm expression. I find repeating the mantra “be cool” helpful in restraining myself while I pay for the item and get to the car. Lol :)

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