DIY Yarn Wreath

This DIY wreath makes the perfect project for Fall. I’ve made two of these, one of them as a “new home” gift. While this project takes a little bit of time, they are inexpensive, simple and adorable.
Here’s how: Grab a straw wreath from your local craft store. This one costs about $3. Leave the wrapping on it. Also pick up some yarn and felt (for your flowers) in a fun color.

Knot your yarn and wrap it around the wreath, pulling tight as you go.

Wrap, wrap, wrap and wrap some more. Seriously. This takes forever. Like two hours. So turn on a movie or something.When all is said and done tie off your yarn, stretch your legs and crack your knuckles. Then, get busy making your felt flowers. Here’s how I do mine:

Once you’ve got all the flowers you want, arrange them on your wreath until you’re satisfied with the look. I waited to add leaves until I knew the arrangement of the flowers. Add your leaves and hot glue the flowers down.

Voila. Done. How about making one and giving it away? I know, you know, someone who would love this.


10 thoughts on “DIY Yarn Wreath

    • Aren’t they great!? So simple, with such a great look for the cold weather. I’d love to see the one you made if you ever get around to blogging it! Thanks for commenting!

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