Awesome internet.

You may not know this, but when you type a term in an online search engine and thus ending up at a website, some websites record what term you used to arrive there. has this lovely feature where you can see just about every search term that brought someone to your site.

It’s actually pretty interesting. Did you know that about 13 people a day search for “kitchen utensil” and end up here because of this one random post I did way back when? I can also see that my “Pinterest Fail” posts get about 20 times the amount of hits than other posts. People are googling it constantly.

I have NO CLUE how certain search terms bring people to this blog. I’ve tried back tracking without success. It’s also pretty hilarious to see what people type. So here is an accumulation of search terms used since I started this blog last November. Get ready to be confused.

“My shower head’s not working” – Okay. I’m sorry.

“Lovely Lady Eyes” – Eh…

“Homespun Corgi” (X4)

“Sad Corgi” (X18)

“Kitchen Thingy”

“судью на мыло картинка” – Russian for “Judge at the soap box” – Mmmmhhhkkaaayyy.

“Bread Traps” – Um?

“Ask and you shall receive”

“Jelexi Bread Pullman” (X4)

“Chubba Chubs” – How did you end up at my blog?

“Words simple”

“Sarah Kiprotich” This is a friend of mine from church. She’s commented before so when someone googles her name it brings them here. So Sarah, I know at least 5 people have googled your name.

“Artisian bread in 5 minutes and Haley” – I just think this is funny.

“Whale Blowhole”

“Under her window’s”

“Weird metal kitcheny things”


“Beautiful Women”

“Feminine wash towel” – Pretty sure I’ve never made one of those, let alone blogged about it.


“Slipped out of hands”

“Call wall things to put on facebook”

“corgi savvy”

“Penny Krueger intensive” – Mother-in-law…what is this??

“Things to make from old doritos i mean dominos” – This one is my personal favorite.


“cut off heel”

“let me show you how easy it is to make bread”

“weird flower drawings”

“bear trap for slugs” – They make those?

“gassy gassy 1 2 3”

“Stuffedt musffin berri” – Wow.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. I look at the list everyday and crack up. Happy Tuesday!


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