Give thanks. Don’t wait until November.

Opening our mail is pretty boring. Besides my craft store coupons and the occasional woodworking magazine for Matt, we usually get junk mail and pay stubs. So it was a pleasant surprise to discover an envelope simply labeled “Matt and Haley” hidden among our usual nothingness.

Remember this post? I never thought in a million years that sharing our veggies would mean so much to someone. When I decided to open our produce up to everyone, it was mainly because I wanted to get rid of the stuff. Also I secretly long for a southern “friendly neighbor” vibe. Ya know what I mean. People borrowing sugar, offering cups of tea, hanging out on their front porches. I think, deduced to its simplest state, I want people to know I’m approachable. “Mmhhmmm, we need another egg” or “Mmhhmmm, we need a lawn mower…who should we ask? Oh I know, Matt and Haley on the corner.”

This card really meant a lot to me. A gesture I won’t ever forget. In it, they thank Matt and I for adding to our neighborhood’s community. Our garden quickly became their daughter’s favorite spot to stop and munch on tomatoes after their long summer walks. They also included a nice gift card to one of my favorite Portland spots. What a compliment! I wasn’t expecting that at all. So James, Jen and Ellie, if you read this, thank you, thank you, thank you.

A thought came to me. There are a lot of people who do great things around me. They probably aren’t expecting any type of “thanks” simply because of the nature of what they’re doing. Even if it’s something I see from afar…why haven’t I thanked them? We can’t all give gift cards to everyone we want to thank, and that’s okay. While I loved the gift card, it’s the words they wrote that spoke right to my heart. I’ll remember those words when I’m tending to my garden years from now.

So I gotta go. I’ve got some cards to write. My guess is you do too. Let’s get at it!


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