Holders for your pots.

I love me some homemade pot holders. They add a vibrant and unique touch to your kitchen. So naturally, I like to make these for people who are setting up there first or new home. My dear friend Kara, the newlywed, received these pot holders, along with an apron, for her new Seahawks-colored kitchen.

If you’re looking for a quick sew or are just learning, this would be a great project. They are so simple to make. Here’s how:

Materials needed: An 8 1/4″ X 8 1/4″ square of Insul-Bright or another heat-rated batting. I actually used two layers. Two 8″ X 8″ squares of fabric for the exterior. For the border you will need at least 36″ worth of fabric. It should be 2″ wide.  However you go about doing that, if you have one long strip, or two or three. Doesn’t matter. You can sew the ends together beforehand. If you are lazy like me, you can skip this step. If you are really new to sewing, you can increase the width of the border to 3″. It will be easier to work with.

And obviously you need the essentials, thread, scissors, pins, etc.

1. Sandwich your two exterior fabrics with your insul-bright, right sides out, and sew strips throughout.
2. You’ll notice that your top and bottom fabrics may have shifted. You can square off the fabric now.

3. Take your border fabric and iron in half. Fold each side into the center and iron, creating your own bias tape.4. Pin your border in place around the raw edges .

*If you happen to have to be using more than one strip, begin your new strip when your first one ends. Take care to fold end nicely over and continue pinning.

5. When you reach the end. Pin your top strip over where you began. Do not cut off the excess.6. Starting at this point, sew border onto your pot holder, starting about 1 inch in. Sew straight off the holder, sewing down the excess strip, closing it. This will become your fabric hook later.

7. Sew around the perimeter of your pot holder, starting just under where you have created your closure. Leave a few inches open when you get to the very end.

8. A few inches from the end, stop and tuck the tail end of your excess fabric under the border. You can trim the strip down to a few inches long, or however big you want your hook.

9. Sew closed.

10. Trim excess thread and admire your amazing handiwork.

You are so great. Now make one for everyone you know.

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