Sick Day

Miss Marple…don’t you go dying on me lady!

Miss Marple has either a sour crop or an impacted crop. Still figuring out which one she’s got. Basically her crop, the large sack in which food stays until it’s ground up, is swollen and squishy. Each morning a hen’s crop will be completely empty. If it’s blocked or there is a fungal infection happening, like in Miss Marple’s case, it will still be full in the morning. If you don’t heal her soon, she’ll starve to death. Removing a blockage can be impossible. Getting rid of sour crop can be tedious and time consuming. So today, I’m headed to the store to buy lotramin (syringing into your hen’s mouth will help battle the fungal infection) and V8 juice. In the meantime she’s chilling on my makeshift roost (they need a roost so they don’t walk in their own poo) and eating only what I give her. Hopefully over the next day or so her crop will begin to empty. I might have to help with that, but vomiting a chicken sounds so unpleasant. Though I know it can be necessary.

So hurry up and get better Miss Marple. Lyra is outside squawking her head off with worry.


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