Mobile Magnificence.

It’s a funny thing, thanking people for letting me make them stuff.

But really, it’s flattering just to be asked. I not only feel awesome because people love something I’ve made, but gift-giving is a love language of mine, so it gives me an opportunity to express it. Usually I get to challenge myself a bit and make something I’ve never made before.

This is one of those things. The lovely, soon-to-be-birthed, Calvin, will get to gaze up at this dino mobile. And I’m SO thankful for the chance to make it for him.

Note the asteroid in the center, by special request of Calvin’s daddy. Which I thought was pretty funny. Plus, who knew an asteroid could be so cute?

I tend to get perfectionist with stuff like this. The mobile is made from parts I found and painted/pieced together to match the inspiration exactly. I’m sure you can buy wooden mobiles…but that would have been too easy. If you are interested in how to make something like this, or want one yourself, shoot me an email!


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