Pinterest Fail – Coffee Filter Wreath

Whilst shopping for some back to school clothes for my Hubby (he’s a teacher) at our local thrift store (that’s how I roll) I, of course, made my way around to the “home goods” stuff. I had to check for Pyrex or some odd fascinating item. I wasn’t looking for a Pinterest fail. This one just sorta popped up.

Here is the Pinterest inspiration, the coffee filter wreath. If you are on Pinterest at all, this concept wont be new to you. It’s basically coffee filters bunched and glued onto a wreath to create a, well, bigger, fluffier, much brighter wreath.

And here is what I found for $5.99 at Goodwill:

Ha! So you got about a third of the way through and thought, “Nope. Not happening.” What’s more, you gave it to a thrift store…to resell. Which they are doing at an obscenely high price for something you have to tear apart to use.

What’s more funny is I’ve actually made one of these. So I can see exactly how this fail came into being. Not only did it take me three days to complete, but I don’t think I have fingerprints anymore. It used so much hot glue and when it was done it just looked, I dunno, cartoony. So I even spray painted it to see if it would look cooler. Kinda. It would be great for a party. But a LOT of painful work. I’m certain this Pinterest-er suffered the same fate, but they were smarter and gave up sooner.

See and/or commit a Pinterest Fail (remember the criteria from the original fail)? Email me!


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