Our parade is better than your parade…maybe.

I mean seriously. The Milwaukie parade was crawling with celebs. Take for example the following:

1. Azlan. Impressive, no?

2. Pietro. I didn’t actually see Mr. Pietro. I’m sure these are his grand kids or something.

3. Bob Moore. From Bob’s Red Mill…that’s right, baby.

4. The Magic School Bus

5. Retired vikings…who must live in a viking themed retirement home cause I can’t figure out for the life of me why they would be riding a massive viking vessel if they didn’t.

6. Mike…of Mike’s Port-O-Potties. Enough said.

7. Papa Murphy. Well, again Mr. Murphy didn’t show himself. Pietro and Papa were probably having a pizza throwing duel somewhere off site.

8. Last, but certainly not least, the king himself.

And he wants you to be able to vote for the light rail.

Come on, move here! You know you wanna.


3 thoughts on “Our parade is better than your parade…maybe.

  1. whoa…wait. You have a pietro’s up there? I thought I would have to go to salem or hood river if I ever wanted the world’s greatest pizza. Haley, I’m sold. I’m moving in tonight.

  2. I didn’t know Elvis liked red! I thought white was his favorite color, the color of purity. Otherwise, not a bad likeness of Elvis in his decline.

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