Pink Things.

I wish I had a baby girl that I could make clothes and things for but not actually have to parent.

Sigh. The world, most often, doesn’t work they way we think it should.


12 thoughts on “Pink Things.

  1. And you *know* I have a willing toddler, one who went to the clothes section at Fred Meyer with my mom and gasped in amazement at every single shirt/sweater/skirt/tanktop/sock/undergarment as though she were at Disneyland. “Oh, ahGrandmom! daStrappyShoe!”

    • Ahahahaa! She cracks me up! How can a girl be so tough, sassy and sly, while also being super girly. She’s a gem. It reminds me of what my dad told Matt when he said he wanted to marry me. “Okay…we’ll I’m just letting you know. It’s gonna be like taking a tiger by the tail.” Your girly is headed there too :)

  2. Joy will take any dress you want to make :-) I am amazed at how crafty you are Haley. I’m coveting your skills a little….ok a lot.

    • :) I bet she would! Too bad mailing you things over seas to you gets weird or else you’d have one on your doorstep! Next you come visit or Julie goes to you…there may be a frilly little thing in tow.

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