Craft Dungeon…I Banish Thee!

For the past year or so, our little guest room has been functioning as my “craft room”. I would much prefer to call it the project or work room since I always associate the word “craft” with sparkly modeling clay or puffy paint. I’ll trust you all assume that’s not how I’m spending my time in there. Though I am sure, to some of my self-proclaimed noncrafty friends, the lines are blurred.

The long and short of it is, the craft dungeon was made up of old hand me down/college furniture that was inadequate for the task. There was fabric spilling off of shelves onto the floor, bins of crap blocking doorways and stacked in corners, and jars of buttons, beads and any other imaginable small crafty thing covering every available work space. Ugh. I never cleaned because even if I did, it never really looked clean. It was a cramped, cluttered and uninspiring space.

Until now, baby.

My husband said 21 magical words to me earlier this week, “Hey, let’s go to IKEA this afternoon and get you some shelves and a big desk for your craft room.” Mind you this came out of nowhere. I already feel weird having a whole extra room in my household, let alone one dedicated entirely to my hobbies. But you know what I said? “Seriously? Oh my gosh. Oh. My. Gosh. Let’s go!”

So here it is. The new craft dungeon. It needs a new name doesn’t it?

Thanks Hubby for being so supportive of me. You’ve always taken me and my passions seriously, never once undermining me, even when my ideas are a little weird. You think every little thing I make is gold. You take pride in my creativity. You’ve given me the freedom to dive head first into all that makes me so joyful. I wouldn’t be doing it without you always there to cheer me on. You’re my biggest fan and I am yours.


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