Pretty Things

Little dresses are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to whip out. “Whipping” a dress out usually takes about 3 hours, but that’s quick enough to still give me a sense of instant gratification. This pattern (See & Sew Dress B5629) was really easy to follow. I would suggest it for anyone who wants to try clothes-making for the first time. My advice no matter how easy the project: read slowly and thoroughly before you sew. Make sure you understand the concept.

This dress was made for a little one named Daphne. She is set to be born in September, and my hope is that she will be able to wear it next Spring.

The rose ribbon along the yoke wasn’t a part of the pattern, but I felt like the dress needed some pizzazz.

I made sure to use easy care apparel fabric and ribbon that was busy-family friendly. It’s designed to be tossed right into the washer and dryer.

I was sending up prayers for Daphne’s safe arrival while I was cutting and sewing this little number. I’m pretty confident that she’ll look adorable in it :)


6 thoughts on “Pretty Things

  1. Beautiful little dress. Love the trim. And I agree there is so much satisfaction in making little dresses. Haven’t made one in ages. Thank you for the inspiration…. I’m off to find a small child in need of a dress! ;-)

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