Pesto Freak Out

I love pesto. We eat it all the time. Use it as bread dip, on our pasta, on our pizza, etc. But it’s so spendy in the stores. This year I got the bright idea to make a bunch ahead of time so I could freeze it to use throughout the fall. However I assumed, as I always do, that I was going to make TONS of it. “I’ve made it before, how hard can it be to make a bigger batch?”.

Well it’s not hard particularly, but I only have one food processor so I’m limited to about 40 oz at a time. So that’s what I’ve done. It takes quite a bit of time and quite a lot of olive oil. It also took about half of the leaves on my three mature basil plants to do it.

However, I’ve got about 30 more seeds sprouting up. So there’s going to be pesto at every single meal this next year. :)

I simply throw basil, garlic, almonds (cheaper than pine nuts) and olive oil into my food processor and blend it until I like the texture. I add more olive oil as I go. I’ve frozen it in some small freezer jam jars. When I want it, I’ll pull it out, let it thaw and add parmesan cheese.

Any homemade pesto experiences or other recipes out there?


7 thoughts on “Pesto Freak Out

  1. I only planted 3 basil plants. I suppose that is not enough for much pesto. Is it too late to plant more basil? I would use plants, I think.

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