Pinterest Fail – Ombre Style

This Pinterest Fail was submitted by Cecilia all the way from Cremona, a town in the north of Italy (not too far from Milan). Check out her amazingly crafty blog here (It’s in Italian but there is an “English” section).

Cecilia saw this on pinterest and thought, “Hey! Seems easy enough!” The Ombre effect is everywhere right now so in an attempt to join the fun, she thought she’d try it out.

The original DIY site offers instructions in about 7 steps, however every “step” is a paragraph long. It also says they made up those steps as they went along. Most importantly it says to wear your totally awesome shirt after your done. I think we can both agree that Cecilia wont be wearing this shirt anywhere:

You can see the three different “shades” Cecilia was going for in the top picture.

As Cecilia reflects on this pintrest chaos she recognizes a few places she went wrong. 1. Brown was a bad choice and 2. Maybe using a home-sewn shirt was a bad choice. She said the project took forever, wasted like $15 and created a huge mess. Also note the weird stains that came to life during the dying process.

Yeah for failing! It’s great to laugh with one another when crafts don’t cooperate. We’re not perfect, no matter how hard we might try to appear that way. So let’s be real.

Did you fail? Have you seen a fail? Did a Pin fail you? Send me some pics!

Happy Pinning!


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