Well, I got into a fight with my wireless router yesterday. Which was weird considering it’s a 5″ x 5″ plastic box. It was not clear however, which of us would be the victor until I made one last ultimately successful move. I bought a new one. So here I am! I can watch Poirot and look up new sewing tutorials once again. The two days without either of those things was close to torture.

So I’m happy about my new super fast internet, as well as several other things. A. I pulled some onions. They’re amazing.

B. My spider mums are blooming.  and C. The cobs are looking awesome!!

All of this excitement means it’s giveaway time. So, I’m going with the whole mum theme, and dishing out this super cute clutch for one lucky commenter. 

There are more pics online here, if you want to take a look. It’s lightweight and perfect for summer.

All you have to do is comment on this post by Wednesday (tomorrow) at 5pm PST.

Happy Winning!


18 thoughts on “Giveaway.

  1. So excited about your gardening! Are you growing your own garlic? My neighbor used the tips of the actual plant to fry up in olive oil – they were like little garlic fries. Delicious. :)

    • I LOVE garden garlic. Its taste it so much stronger and fresher than store bought. We just pulled ours and are planting more. Next years I want to try elephant garlic. Yum.

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