The Krueger Castle.

It’s funny to me that when I say “The Krueger Castle”, I’m thinking entirely of our vegetable garden. I feel like standing out there by the raised beds, just beaming and giving everyone who walks by a tour.  I feel pure joy when I think about all those veggies. We left for the beach for a few days this week and when we returned, we were surprised to see that our veggie garden had grown substantially larger since we left. The corn is up to my waist and you can see little cobs beginning to form! My excitement is palpable and I’m thinking we should make space for more veggies now.

 Garden to do list:

1) Trim tomato plant – never ending task. We’ve trimmed at least 1/4th of it already. 2) Pull onion, dry and cure. Replant new onions. 3) Watch our second round of spinach and cilantro grow. 4) Eat lettuce. Keep planting lettuce. 5) Make pesto…lots of pesto. Freeze. 6) Keep putting dirt on potatoes. 7) Train beans up corn stalks. 8) Woah, that squash is huge. 9) Watch corn grow in complete awe. 10) Get patch ready to start asparagus next year. 11) Weed until your fingers bleed. 12) Debate with Matt about when to pull carrots. 13) Plant bell pepper and jalapeno starts. 14.) Pull garlic…become entraced by the smell. Plant more. 15.) Sit back and soak up how amazing nature is.


3 thoughts on “The Krueger Castle.

  1. Your garden is looking soooo good everything looks amazing! I am so excited about your corn- i have never grown corn before that is awesome – I love corn so much it is one of the best summer foods in my opinion.

  2. I wish I could grow vegis like you. You and Matt have a natural green thumb, I think. My swiss chard, which anyone can grow I have been told, is still short & starting to bolt. Even chicken manure tea has not done the trick.

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