Woah. What?

This is what I woke up to this morning…

Is it our anniversary? No.

Did I do something awesome to deserve this? No. Well always, but not this instance :)

Does he want something? No.

Is my birthday coming up? No…that’s in December.

Is he wanting more praise on the blog this week? No.

Did he break something? No.

Then what?…

…”It’s Saturday…that’s what.”

Plus I think he really wanted him some waffles. He has learned that I’m slow in agreeing to make them, but quick to partake in eating them. Hence, the large waffle breakfast that made us both so completely happy for different reasons. I feel loved to have breakfast made for me and he feels content because we’re both eating waffles. Sigh, marriage is blissful in moments so oddly and perfectly balanced as these.


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