Spool holder update.


 There were so many of you who thought the spool holder was going to be awesome that I wanted to show you the almost-finished product. 193 spools of thread later (all but 8 were given to me) and I look like the most intense sewer ever. This one is about 6 inches longer than the original. It was pretty heavy (~25lbs) so we hung it into studs and used screw-in, enclosed hooks.

I only have about 10 bobbins that have thread on them currently, so I’m thinking of actually lining the side with little nails to hold them, instead of like the original where there is a bobbin under each spool. We’ll see, I haven’t made up my mind. Anyway, I’m just excited to look at it all day. If you’re interested in making one of these bad boys, here’s the tutorial!

Nowwww…what to sew??


4 thoughts on “Spool holder update.

    • You should see it now. It’s a little less…well organized. And there is thread hanging all over the place. But oh well, it means it’s been loved.

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