Ask and you shall receive.

I found an awesome spool holder tutorial online yesterday. A. It’s huge and B. It’s got a place to put your matching bobbins. Right now my thread is in a big bin, all tangled and angry at me. Here is the one from the tutorial:

I love this thing! So I showed my hubby and posted the link to his Facebook wall. I thought maybe someday he’d be persuaded to make it. When I got home from work, this was awaiting my arrival:

 Eeekk! I was so excited and felt so loved! He had enough wood to make it and he even used some scrap crown molding to cap it off (such a Matt thing to do).

Today he’s going to wood fill and paint it white for me. Then add the bobbin nails. And just so you know, he suggested this blog title. Love him :)


3 thoughts on “Ask and you shall receive.

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