Go nuts.

Recently a friend came over. She happened to make a salad while she was here and she sautéed some almonds for that salad. By doing so she kick-started an almond craze in my household.

I had NO idea how yummy sautéed almonds were. She simply chopped up the almonds in my food processor and cooked them on the stove top with olive oil. You let the almonds cook for a long time, letting them get really crispy, stirring every once in a while. Toss them in a yummy salad and…eat perfection.

They have an almost candied taste when you fry them up like that. Now I’m eating them with fish, fruit, pasta…you name it. I also carry a ziplock of raw almonds around in my purse to snack on. Not to mention we also use almond butter and almond milk.

Here are a few almond recipes I’m just waiting to make: Green beans with goat cheese tomatoes and almonds,  blueberry almond cobbler, almond cranberry quinoa cookies, roasted sweet garlic and almond soup. Got any you want to share?  

At least these beauties are good for you.


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