Baby Booties

One of the best things about having family with kids, is that you can make tons of kiddo stuff and it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect or not. My niece and nephews get a lot of “firsts”. And most the time they come with a disclaimer like, “I dunno, I just thought it looked cute. Tell me if it doesn’t work and I’ll make it better.” If it breaks, rips, is totally nonfunctional, I don’t feel bad. I would feel bad if I gave it to someone else as a gift for their kid and it disintegrated. My own family…meh, I’ll just make another one.

This is one such object.

I remember with my first nephew, my MIL and I experimented with baby booties. It was decided that the ones with elastic in the back works best, something to synch up the heel. I’ll need to add something like that to these.

I found this pattern online and it just looked so simple. It was simple, it just took a while to stitch because I was out of practice. But I can sit and watch Hercule Poirot while I stitch them up, so all is not lost.

Uncle Matt suggested I make some with little felt footballs on them. Maybe I can teach him to sew and we can assembly line it.

I’ll let you know when I’ve perfected them. After using my nephew as a guinea pig. :)


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