Pinterest Win.

I felt like I had to do a Pinterest Win because this DIY project was just as freakishly cute and easy as the original pin made it look.

Here is one of about 50 versions of this project:

Here is the one I created, with wire and burlap twine from around the house.

I left the lid-ring on the jar, because I liked the way it looked, but you don’t have to. Take some heavy gauge wire, wrap it just under the lip of the jar tightly. Making a loop on either side.

Be sure to very tightly secure the wire, so it can hold the weight of the jar. Tie burlap, twine or wire to the hooks at the length you like. I doubled up on this burlap twine. Just in case.

Toss in some water and pretty flowers and you have yourself instant prettiness. I wanted to wrap burlap around the wire, to pretty it up even more, but I ran out of twine. Next time. Oh and there will be a next time.

Pinterest success.


One thought on “Pinterest Win.

  1. Reblogged this on paganspathway and commented:
    This is a beautiful and simple way to bring some color to your house or patio. Let the sun shine in today and make it with love you will be blessed in so many ways!! Happy crafting!

    Blessed be!

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