Best thrift store find ever…again.

Back in December I claimed to have found the best thrift store item ever. Titled so in part because of the insanely low price…and I was kind of right. It was a 1930 cast iron Singer sewing machine. $5.00. Really, that’s awesome. But I have found yet another amazing thrift store item. Also $5.00.

Huzzah! Now someone might look at this and be totally confused as to why on Earth I would be so excited about it. I’m sure churches and school buildings have a bunch of these just sitting in some corner somewhere (if that’s true, call me.) But I love this thing. I love the look of it, the age of it, the potential it holds for nieces and nephews, and I love the price. So, done.

It’s got this book cubby on the side, that I already supplied with books. While I was at the Goodwill bins, before I discovered the desk, I was as always, rummaging through the old books. I came across a series of Sweet Pickles books. I had these books growing up, so for 50 cents a piece I figured “what the heck”. Then as I perused the furniture section and came across this desk, I knew it was meant to be. I sat in the desk once, grabbed it with one arm (books in the other) and quickly walked to the front of the store. Remember this is the store where people get in fights over merchandise. I’m talking about literally fighting. So there is this sense of urgency in the atmosphere. I didn’t want anyone to harass me (which is not unlikely), so I picked up this pretty heavy and awkward desk and somehow lodged it between my hip bone and hand, using all the strength I had in my arm to hold it off the ground. As I quickly walked I made sure the look on my face was one of tranquility and not intense discomfort. Not sure why I do this. It’s quite stupid actually. Someone would have been more than happy to help me. Anyway…I digress.

It did need a little cleaning up. But I didn’t want it to look brand spanking new. After scrubbing the whole thing in hot soapy water and removing some unwanted gum/stickers, I lightly sanded the top of the desk and coated it with three light coats of clear polyurethane.  I put one light coat on the chair itself, just to match the tone better with the desk top.

Most of the desk has been worn perfectly smooth from the many hands and many bottoms that have used it. It’s large enough that an adult can sit in it and feel quite comfortable. You’re also able to adjust the height of the desk. Not sure how easy this is to do, since the bolt looks a little intense, but we’ll find out eventually.If you ever need a Goodwill bins shopping partner…I’m your gal.


4 thoughts on “Best thrift store find ever…again.

  1. I remember sitting in these desks. You forgot to mention the really handy pencil slot in the top. This was probably originally in a Portland high school or maybe even Portland State. I am amazed at what you find in the bins. Gloria was known as the Bin Queen, so now it is Haley the Bin Queen. You are an amazing shopper. Cheap, too. An excellent combination – cheap shopper queen.

    • You’ve got no idea how cool it is to hear that Gloria and I were alike is some ways. Especially coming from her very own mother. Thanks Penny, that’s such a compliment! I’ll take the title of Bins Queen and wear it proudly.

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